The Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

2015 was a great year for me: I got engaged, I became an aunt, I got promoted twice-ish, I traveled to Mexico three times, I ran a 1/2 marathon with my mom, I kept the weight off, I got a new car, I saw Mumford and Sons, I went to a Tay Tay concert, I met the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, I was featured on Nikki Bella’s Instagram, I reconnected with Down Dog Yoga, and I saw a live Flo Rida concert on the beach. Aaaaand of course I did all of this with great family and friends by my side. So as 2016 approaches I got to thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Here are some typical New Year’s resolutions and why I will not be committing to one:

  1. Lose Weight: Have you tried Kanye’s Workout Plan? Nahhh, I kid, I kid. To lose weight used to be a resolution for me but I’ve learned that this resolution rarely works. Losing weight has to come from within, a true need for it. I’ve talked about this before: I’ve always found that to really lose weight, unfortunately, you have to reach an absolute level of disgust with yourself before you make it happen. And yeah, nearly two years ago now, I lost the weight. Now every day it’s just a constant teeter totter of where I stand. Up a pound one week, down a pound the next. I’ve accepted that this will be the case for my ENTIRE life.
  2. Eat Healthy: I eat healthy enough to keep me sane. By that I mean that I eat salads without dressing and bacon regularly, I rarely eat sweets, I don’t do fried food, and I have been dairy free for the last 6 weeks. Yes, that means no cheese, no butter, no yogurt, no milk. If it comes from a cow, I ain’t eating it. [Little secret though: I have a container of shaved Parmesan cheese in my fridge, nothing fancy, just from the grocery store. Every couple of days, I take ONE sliver and eat it. AMAZE]. And yes, I drink. I drink when the occasion strikes or when I’m in the mood. And, omigod don’t hate me, but since I’ve been back to hot yoga, I don’t need the wine to wind me down after work anymore. So yeah, maybe once a week I have alcohol. Eating healthy is part of my lifestyle, as they say, so it would be a lame resolution if I chose it, so I won’t.
  3. Save Money: I could always save more money all the time, that’s true. However, I make an effort to save the same amount of money every month, and with the exception of probably December and January of each year, I hit the mark. I’m actually annoying about it. In fact there are instances when it would be fine to take a few hundred dollars out, “that’s what it’s there for,” but I won’t. I want to hold onto that money forever and watch it grow. …Until of course I want a house with a big yard, new appliances, and a nice couch.
  4. Get Organized: I am the most organized, type-A, freak there is. My clothes are organized by style and color. I have folders and notebooks for everything. My work email account and its folders are on fleek. My bills are paid on-time. My car is spotlessly clean. Everything I own has a place. I think you get the point.
  5. Quit Smoking: Easy. I don’t smoke. Never have. Never will.

So, Sass, what is your New Year’s resolution? Well this is the first year in a long time that I really want to set one. There is something I’ve been meaning to do for at least two years that I haven’t made the consistent time for. It’s very important to me, my future, and my non-existent children! Where in the world are you going with this? I need to learn re-learn Spanish. I took Spanish throughout middle school, high school, and some of college. I can confidently say that I never achieved below a B in any of those classes but, unfortunately, it was in one ear and out the other. For those who don’t know, my feyonce is bi-lingual, as his parents and relatives primarily speak Spanish. I want to be able to freely converse with my in-laws and more importantly, I want my future kids to speak fluently. In order for them to learn, I know I will need to be fluent as well. And if I’m not, and they learn anyway, so help me if I’m the only one in the room that doesn’t know what is being said, I’ll die!

So this year, I am committing 15 minutes a day to learning re-learning Spanish. Perhaps 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, and on some days it won’t be, but on most, I will likely have to schedule the time. I already have the Rosetta Stone and the Duolingo app downloaded. I can do it, I know that, but I need to commit and I need to commit publicly. Remember what happened the last time I committed to something publicly? I lost nearly 15 pounds. So, let’s do this, kids!

P.S. I’m fairly certain I already have 2017’s resolution: Be confident enough to actually speak the language I’ve learned to my in-laws 🙂


Peace out, 2015!

– Sass

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  1. Dad says:

    this will happen. You always reach your goals. love you! Dad

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