What Would Nikki Bella Do?

Sassarella’s new mantra: What Would Nikki Bella Do? #WWNBD

The best part about this new mantra is that it genuinely came to me one day last week. There are were chocolates in the office at work, small pieces, nothing serious, but at 10am, I wanted one. I stood there in the kitchen and out of no where thought to myself: “What would Nikki Bella do?” She wouldn’t have one, so I walked away. In fact, I made it that entire day without reaching for a piece of chocolate! Mazel! A day later my girlfriend had a rough day and asked if I would have a glass of wine with her after work. I looked down at the gym bag I had packed for an after work workout and I thought, “What would Nikki Bella do?” Nikki would totes have that wine! And later on that night, I went for a 2.5 mile run/walk on the track after the wine! So totally Nikki of me.

IMG_6515 IMG_6519 IMG_6520

If you are unfamiliar with who Nikki Bella is, I’m sorry for you, but allow me to introduce you. She is one half of the Bella Twins and the reigning WWE Diva’s Division Champ. She is also on a television show called Total Divas, which is how I came to know of her. Her body is amazing. Her clothes are phenom. She is a total betch. At the end of the day, she is a sweet girl, I’m sure, but I find myself channeling her when it doesn’t matter how nice I am or not. I channel her when I need strength, will power, sex appeal, and motivation. I like that she kicks ass but is also a total babe. On another note, I find I connect with her in ways that make me, by society’s standards, superficial and obnoxious. So be it.

I got dressed Saturday night to go out and in direct comparison to the Saturday night before (see: The Hotness Scale), I felt amazing. I wasn’t going to post a picture to insta but I thought, “WWNBD?” She would not only post it but she would love every second of posting it….so, up went my picture! I’m a closet attention whore. I like to think that I am smart and rational enough to know the time and place (i.e. not at work, with in-laws, or at someone else’s wedding, etc., etc.) but if someone gives it, I will take it. And so will Nikki. She tends to run out there and grab attention, but to her credit, it is her J-O-B to draw attention to herself.

I tap into her every now and then when it comes to my J-O-B as well. On an episode of Total Divas, Eva Marie (another Diva) instagrammed a quote, “A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” This wreaked havoc with the other Divas who took it to mean that they are sheep and Eva is a lion. Oh honey, not up in here! Nikki did not take to that lightly. She and her twin sister, Brie, argued that WWE is a jungle and they, the Bella Twins, are the lions. Obvs. Anyway, in no way, shape, or form do I think that I work with or for anyone I’d compare to a sheep but I have to be a lion. I need to channel my bae, Nikki, go after what I want, and get it. So, I’m going after it all! I’m going after the J-O-B, the bod, the fame, and the success. I’m the girl that’s all like, “I wanna lose 4 pounds” and if in order to do that, I need to channel Nikki, well then I say to you, “done and done.”


I guess what this is really coming down to now is that I hope there are currently, or will be in the future, women out there thinking, “What would Sass do?” Hopefully I can help these women, the way Nikki sometimes helps me, make their next move. So, “What Would Sass Do?” #WWSD

Sass has that glass of wine after a long day. Sass goes for a run when she’s feeling tubby. Sass drinks 200 ounces of water a day. Sass posts a selfie when she’s feeling hot. Sass betches it out when she’s mad. Sass lets you have it when you’re being stupid. Sass eats chocolate. Sass orders the grilled chicken and salad instead of a cheeseburger. Sass rolls her eyes. Sass is brutally honest. Sass loses her patience. Sass isn’t perfect, and neither is Nikki, but what fun would a spirit animal be if she wasn’t human after all? Channel the aspects that speak to you. Channel your spirit animal and use her (please say it’s me!) to help you get what you want out of life. You might surprise yourself with what you end up doing! I’m surprising myself every day.

All photos courtesy of @thenikkibella instagram.

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2 Responses to What Would Nikki Bella Do?

  1. LuAnn says:

    You are woman, hear you roar!!!

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