Give Me the Mic.

The day my then boyfriend, now feyonceee, told me he bought us Mumford & Sons tickets, I was obviously ecstatic! Then he told me that he bought 4 tickets and my heart dropped. “What’s the matter?” he asked. It took me a minute but I shyly remarked, “Babe, you know I cry at these things and it’s not necessarily something I wanted advertised.” Fast forward a few weeks to the day of the concert and like clockwork, the lights go down, the opening notes go off, and here come the waterworks! Mumford & Sons are my Beatles. I can’t help it. I hear them, especially live, and I lose it. I’ve seen them now 3 times and each time I’ve cried at multiple points throughout the show. Sometimes I cry listening to them in the car. It is a combination of being brought right back to a moment where this song or that song was my therapy and the power of the music itself.

Now travel back in time with me to this past Monday night: I saw Taylor Swift at Nationals Park. I went to see Taylor Swift because like any other basic B, I can’t help but like a few songs. Back in high school, T. Swift was the jam. Brielle and I would sit in Mr. Schnur’s photo class and blast the OG Tay album like our lives depended on it. We related to her perfectly back in the “Tim McGraw,” “Our Song,” and “Picture to Burn” days. Once she starting pulling the, “Oh my goodness, me? I won again? I can’t believe it! It’s only the millionth time that I won something! You really like me? Are you sure?” Like, I’m over it. All of that being said, within a few minutes of the first few songs I could feel my eyes welling up. Maybe it was the alcohol, I don’t know, but there I was fighting them back. [In comparison, there is NO holding them back with Mumf]. Anyway, I think one of the coolest aspects of the show was the wristbands given to everyone in the crowd. They were synchronized to each song so that they all lit up with the beat and changed to the same color at the same time (and for those thinking it, yes, this is the “same thing that Coldplay did a few years ago”). It looked unbelievably cool, seriously. Now the funny thing is that as soon as this wristband thing started happening, I took pictures and video as if I was taking notes. I had thoughts of, “don’t forget this,” almost as if i wanted to Pin it to a Pinterest board. Taylor also had her friends, Lena, Selena, Cara, Lily, Jaime, & Karlie (casual list of superstar/model best friends) videotaped and answered questions about how they first met her and told anecdotes about her. I thought about what my friends might say about me. I should also admit here that I often think about how I would answer interview questions about myself and my life thus far. Is that weird? It’s like I’m constantly prepping for my Ellen interview!


Where is this all coming from? Do I want to be famous now?

Taylor Swift has a badass life and she finally knows it. This album is more mature and she is finally somewhat acting her age. She has hot friends who support her and although I hate it (only because I’m jealous), I would bring them on stage with me too! I found that I liked her. I must have commented at least 6 times, “she is literally my age.” The album and tour is called, 1989, for the year that WE were born. I related to her now because I too am supremely confident in myself. Sure we doubt ourselves, ya know me and Tay, but at the end of the day I would own that stage the same way she did. I can think of handfuls of friends, and although I love them dearly, I don’t think they could do what Taylor does. I know I could.

My blog posts are her songs with a catchy beat and a sequin microphone. Same message, same audience, done and done. Ok so, I want to be famous? Everyone does, right? I can’t outright admit that I want to be famous without sounding like an asshole so I won’t…but I kind of just did. To say I want to be famous sounds so pedestrian so again, I won’t say it…but I kind of just did. In my case, and in the case of T.Swift it seems, fame is by product of having something to say. The dream is to have people listen to us, feel inspired by us, to laugh with us or even at us! My girlfriend who asked me to go to the show with her shared some thoughts with me about my blog and one thing that she said really struck a chord, “I’m not sure if you know this but I think you’re really funny. When I’m with you, the things you say and how you say them crack me up – I want more of that in your blog.” I paused a moment. I was so flattered to hear that she thinks I’m funny! (Oh sh!t, I just pulled a Taylor #UGH). But beyond flattery, it made me think that other people might think I’m funny if they heard what I had to say! I thought about more than Taylor. There are comedians out there that are saying what I’m saying but doing it funny (how do you like that grammar?), i.e. Iliza Shlesinger.

Point is, I relate to Taylor, Iliza, my good old buddy Lena, and other women my age who have the confidence to get on a stage or a platform and say what’s on their g.d. minds. These women don’t intimidate me, they are me. I don’t watch them and think, “Oh gosh how do they do it?” I think, “GIVE ME THE MIC!!!! But no, seriously, give me the mic.”

Give it to me.


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2 Responses to Give Me the Mic.

  1. LuAnn says:

    Singing your anthem for the milennials! Go Sass!

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