So in case you didn’t stalk my Facebook, which let’s be serious, you ALL did, I felt AMAZING on our trip to Mexico. By the time we left I was down 9 pounds, which was just one measly pound away from my goal but that’s ok. At one point during the trip I felt even thinner! However, I am not sure because I think someone up above was watching me when the scale in the hotel room decided it was broken all week. If I had been able to see my weight each day or if, God forbid, the scale was incredibly different (just because scales are like that) than mine at home, I would have been miserable.

Anyway, vacation was not as hard as I imagined it would be. I was working out after nap time – not the best work outs of my life but I was doing it! And meals were pretty easy too. I’ve never been the type to order something that’s not good for me so that wasn’t so hard. My downfall is usually when there’s junk food just lying around at my disposal, which when you are on vacation that is rarely the case. Additionally, I am always going to have control at breakfast and lunch so if I splurge even a little at dinner than I’m good with that. I was having ceviche, grilled chicken, and salads every day. The best part is, of course, that someone was making it and bringing it right to me. No work needed aka no reason to not order something healthy.

I knew that the drinking would be the challenging part. It is a ton of extra calories and completely takes away my drive to work out. I stuck mainly to vodka soda (sometimes with a splash of cran) and tried to limit the day drinking. I let it go by the last day – and by let it go I mean that I drank and had whatever I wanted at dinner and didn’t worry about it. It all seemed to work because by the time we got back I was just a pound and a half higher than when I left (which I went into the trip knowing that would be ok and not the end of the world). I’m also not entirely convinced that part of that was just being swollen and gross from traveling all day.

Even better is that as of this past Friday, February the 7th (after 1 wk back in reality) I was back to what I was before I left…down NINE POUNDS!

I’m happy at this weight. I think on a daily, regular, and consistent basis I am very happy at this weight and am able to maintain it. On the upswing, now when I will be super strict before an event or trip, I will be even thinner than I am on the reg. And on the down swing, I am a bit terrified. I am so thrilled with myself and I don’t want to lose it. I need a goal – vacation anyone? I need to keep this going and I am scared that I will slip up. So far I am able to be a little more lenient without gaining weight but that is a slippery slope. WAH, the pressure!!

Let’s take a look back:


Week 1WEEK 2week2WEEK 3week3WEEK 4week4WEEK 5IMG_2857WEEK 6week6WEEK 7 – THE FRIDAY before MEXICO (we left the following Thursday)lst wk

lst wk 2

The night before Mexico and the 1st night in Mexico:lst wk 3IN MEXICO:vacay

Sassarella Says…it’s possible. I was truly unsure of whether or not I’d completely embarrass myself on my blog by not getting the job done or if I’d actually be able to lose weight but I did it. I was so much happier on our trip and was really able to enjoy the time, the company, and the environment without feeling insecure about my body. The full-length mirror in the hallway by the elevator was mind-blowing. I kept catching glimpses of myself and for a second not recognizing the person looking back at me. I was not used to seeing a mirror and enjoying it! That’s all I’ll say for now because I know that for those who are still trying or haven’t started trying yet but want to – these pictures will be enough. I don’t need to use any more words. And if you don’t think I look good or that different…well, you can go screw. Peace out.

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