food snob.

I ended last week by saying something like, “your body can get used to anything and now I’m used to eating less food.” Still true. However, my body is now a big, fat snob. My body has an extremely difficult time digesting food that isn’t from the ground aka fruits and veggies. It also has a much more difficult time with some meats and anything processed.

Por ejemplo, I was out of juice and out of food so I stopped at CVS before work to grab a balance bar and a yogurt to get me through most of the day, as I was only working until 3pm that day. I ate the balance bar first because I was starving! For the next 4-5 hours, I was unbearably uncomfortable. I couldn’t digest it – it sat like a little food baby in the upper part of my tummy almost all day. That being said, just before 3pm I felt hungry so I tried to get the yogurt down…bad idea. I felt even worse after that.

As per mom’s suggestion, I drank as much water as was comfortable and that helped a lot but didn’t quite cure the problem. The only thing that cured it was time. I’ve now decided that I’m completely off balance bars and I have yogurt sparingly (only when I’m reaaaaalllly hungry – if I have it when I’m just kinda hungry it makes me feel like crap).

I once read…or was it heard…that anything that you buy that really can’t go bad, probably isn’t very healthy for you. Think about it – fresh produce and proteins go bad if you don’t eat them timely enough but balance bars and things that come in boxes can stay in your cabinet for months, even years! Which if I think about those things being in my body for that long, it makes me want to vom.

I’m a food snob.

I’m not a bat sh!t craaaaay food snob though, thank goodness, but I limit my intake of those types of foods. I still had a couple bites of mac and cheese, I still eat a sub from Taylor Gourmet (YUUUM), and I still pick on popcorn and pretzels but I am careful to limit my portion. What’s great about this is that because my body just simply rejects too much of it, I’m very aware of how awful I will feel if I ignore that principle. This is easier to accept and stick to as opposed to just avoiding these foods so I don’t get fat.

Oh and I still drink alcohol…”FOR THE WIN!” – B. Ryan

Anywhoozle, to be very happy in Mexico, I had 6 more pounds to lose and as of these pictures (last Saturday, the 11th), I was down 2 more pounds from the week before, which is just 4 pounds away from ze goal! 2 pounds a week – totally doable:

week6 week6a

Sassarella Says…being a food snob does not make me entirely classy and sophisticated. I find it perfectly acceptable to call the treadmill a “little f*cking f*ck” when it doesn’t go back down to 3.5 from 7.5 fast enough, “COME ON YOU, LITTLE F*CK, I’m DYING HERE!” And that (sitting up straight, crossing my hands in my lap, tilting my head to the right, and smiling from ear to ear), is all I have to say about that.

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  1. Miche says:

    I like your thoughts, I have come to believe there are many toxins in processed foods that your body works hard to get rid of. Once you start feeding your body food that it can live and thrive on, you can tell the difference. When you are constantly eating toxic food you don’t know how bad you feel. Glad to hear you are eating to thrive!

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