2012: The Year in Photographs

It’s a little late but that never hurt nobody.
January * No hip hop New Years 2012
January * First kiss of 2012 OW OW
January * Cheers to me being 23!
January * Gabadabadoo in DC for my bday!
February * Happy Valentine’s Day from BLT & Marek LOL
February * Dancer’s pose?
March * First Caps game!
March * First Waterfront Sunday Funday of the year!
March * Happy Birthday, JC!
March * Boyfriend.
April * Biddies at Easter
April * Full BBC @ Sona
April * Mom-mom!!
April * Boomerang Party Yacht
April * JACKIE!!!!!
May * This one time we went to Pickles….and a Yankee game
May * Family dinner at Maggiano’s
May * Starboard virgin
May * Samabigal in DEWEY
May * MDW full of jabrionis
May * Sums up MDW in Dewey
June * El Camino
June * Happy laughing baby
July * Nerds
July * baby canon
July * New Jersey is where da heart is
July * Dancer’s pose….and Lauren Ann….
July * Simply the best
July * Bo Banya visits DC
July * Ireeena Beeeena
August * SUNDAY
August * Kenny and Tim Concert
August * OH HEY PUP
August * Sistuhs from otha mistuhs
September * Tedy got hitched!
September * Front Page Crew
September * CPs
October * my only sister got MARRIED!!!!
October * Irish Kevin’s!
October * Wedding bells for Beth!
October * M.O.H and my hot date!
October * The Vin Man and his girls
October * Faja
October * Transfusions in Key West!!
October * Matt & Kim got hitched!
October * The groom!
October * HurrAkin party at The Corner
October * HurrAkin party at The Corner
November * Thanksgiving in New Jersey!
November * Camp Mom-mom & Pop-pop
November * Team Animal Print
December * Giants Game in DC
December * Rhino Xmas Party
December * ZINZI
December * ZINZI
December * ZINZI
December * ZINZI
December * ZINZI
December * Christmas at the Nigara’s!
Sassarella Says…Peace, 2012. Great year but I’m very much looking forward to 2013!

About sasssays

The trials, the tribulations, and the triumphs of a sassy and sophisticated 20 something girl
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