Growing Pains

Why is it the way of the world that we have to be taught a lesson more than once to really learn it. The first time we are taught how to share probably didn’t go over so well. It probably wasn’t until the fifth, sixth, or maybe even seventh time that we actually learned how to share with little Timmy. Now that doesn’t mean as a three year old learning to share for the eighth time that we actually liked it because we are used to having everything to ourselves and not caring about what little Timmy wanted so this rocked our worlds. So even though we didn’t want to at first, we knew what was expected of us so we did it.

I’m rambling.
Anyway, last week…wait for it…wait….I went back to YOGA. Holy sh!t, did you just fall out of bed when you read that? I know, I’m sorry, you didn’t think I even remembered what that Namaste crap was did you? Well I do. I went back and something changed inside of me. I had forgotten how much better I feel when I’m upward dogging and extended side angling and how much it effects me mentally and emotionally. I used to say, “I’m happy because I’m skinny” but I realized this week that it’s not strictly about being skinny. I realized that I’m happy even when I’m not skinny but doing something to get there. I’m happy just knowing that I’m healthier this week and that because I went to yoga that I immediately paid more attention to my food and drink choices. That whole “healthy lifestyle” section of the bookstore is no joke. It’s not just be skinny skinny skinny, it’s be healthy healthy healthy….and then of course, skinny usually follows. Yay. 
So coming home after the third visit to the yogi hot box this week, I felt lighter both physically and mentally. While in the shower, I smiled in pain as a lifted my sore arms to wash my hair and I stopped and stared at my much firmer legs while shaving. Voila! Good things do happen when you work out.
But hold the phone. Have I not learned this lesson over and over again? Do I not bounce back and forth between the skinny arm, carefree, flat stomach phase and the fat face, b!tchy, butt jiggling phase? Oh wait, I do….all the g.d. time!!! WAH. Why? Why must we be taught lessons over and freakin’ over again before we really learn them? Mental effing note Sassarella: When you work out and eat right, not only do you get skinny but you feel like a million bucks. You feel mentally lighter and things that used to bother you, just don’t bother you that much anymore. Sleeping at his house for the 5th night in a row…ehh…not such a big deal this week. Being solely responsible for packing up the office and moving it to another neighborhood….ehh…not as frustrating as it would have been a week ago. Ya see where I’m going here? GOOD.
Sassarella Says…cha-tu-freakin-ranga.

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