On DC vs. the Rest of the World

As expected, those who live in New Jersey (or at least know me from New Jersey), loved my last post and those who live in DC with me were confused, frustrated, and even a little disappointed. They were left wondering how it is even a debate where I want to end up when it so clearly seemed like I had already made my decision. However, those people did not realize that another post was coming in defense of Washington, DC. There are pros and cons to living in both but just as I explained the pros of being in NJ, I need to explain the pros of being in DC….

My family – Once you work “in the industry” aka bartending, you are part of a social cult that does everything together. You work the most strange hours on the most opposite days of the week as everyone else and come to bond over the ridiculousness that is your job. Our favorite days are Sundays and Mondays, which are usually the most dreaded days for day-walkers. Our job horror stories come from slammed Friday and Saturday nights, which are usually the most fun days for day-walkers. You get my point, I’m sure. Through this family, I have built relationships with numerous people, including the one and only B.Ryan, which I have come to really appreciate and love. Not to mention, one of the greatest nights of the year, Zinzi Ball. I look forward to Sunday Fundays, trips to Dewey Beach, orca platters at Old Ebbitt, and so on. I don’t have a family quite like this dysfunctional yet amazing group anywhere else.

My Person – As I have made known through other posts, I have a boyfriend. I met him here, he lives here, his family lives here, his work is here aka he’s not leaving here anytime soon. He means enough to me to make me want to stay in DC knowing that it means that I’ll get to be with him.

Georgetown University – Although I don’t go to campus often, whenever I do I am reminded of one successful period of time in my life. I’m reminded of at least one good thing that’s happened to me in the last couple of years. Still feeling a bit lost, in terms of my career and future plans, that is one thing that I know is solid. I went to Georgetown University, suckas. Although I do worry about raising kids too close to campus out of fear that they won’t want to go to a school so close to home….but I guess I have a few more years before I really need to worry about that.

My independence – It is no secret that I am a completely different person in DC than am I in New Jersey. In DC, I have my own routines, my own agendas, and my own apartment (it is small and annoying but it is mine). Any reputation I have here is one that I created, not one that is stuck with me from middle school or high school and I love that. I love that I am more proactive here and less likely to follow in the footsteps of any friend or relative. I make my own decisions here and that is something I don’t always feel I can do in NJ.

The city – DuPont, Adam’s Morgan, Logan Circle, the Georgetown Waterfront, Midtown, Cleveland Park, Chinatown….I could keep going. These are all neighborhoods that I am a frequent visitor for either new restaurants, old restaurants, movies, shopping, or for exercise. I like that I can take a different running route and not get bored all week long before having to start over. I like that I have a list of restaurants that I still want to try. I like that on a given day I see Obama’s motorcade drive by or that I can see the White House and the monuments any time I want. What I particularly like about DC, as a city, is that it is big enough to be exciting yet small enough to have a small town feel. I often see the same people walking in my neighborhood and I know just where to find my friends but it is still a city with exciting new things to do.

The weather – Believe it or not, I like the hot weather. Of course it can be annoying and even gross but I like that we have shorter winters, longer springs and summers, and a touch of fall weather. I have learned over the last few years, that winter aka cold weather and dark, gloomy days and nights severely affect my mood and motivation. I am much happier in sunny, warm weather which we get plenty of just four hours south of New Jersey.

Sassarella Says…although DC is very different from the NJ lifestyle that I am comfortable and accustomed to, I can’t say that it is a bad different. I like living here, for now, but what I fear is the unknown about the future. In my last post, I was able to clearly articulate exactly how my life would be if I end up in New Jersey and I can’t say that about living in DC. I can’t say whether or not I’d stay in the actual city forever or if I’d move to Virginia or Maryland. I can’t say for sure who I’d spend all my time with and where I’d pick my kids of up from school. I can’t say that the lifestyle I’ll create for myself will fit in here because you can take the girl out of the Jersey but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl. Either way, I love DC and if I didn’t love it for the reasons I stated above, there would be no debate…but clearly there is a big fat debate.

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