DJ CFabb: "Music is a safe kind of high" – Jimi Hendrix

Wednesday afternoon was the first afternoon in weeks that I’ve had to just sit in my apartment and chill with the music on. Instead of having a quick 20 minutes in between two jobs, I had a good 4 hours to do nothing. I never thought I’d appreciate 4 short hours of nothing but I did. I realized that music has not been getting the proper attention that it deserves in my life recently. My walks and bus rides to work are short and I don’t even listen to it when I exercise anymore because of yoga so all I hear is the top 40 hits at the bar all the time. Yikes. But as I sat there listening to my iPod on complete random, I found myself thinking, “Oooo I like this song!” Well duh you like this song, it’s your music! Anyway, I’m re-connected to la musica and want to share some new finds with all of ya’ll….

“Shake It Out” (Benny Benassi Remix) – Florence & the Machine

“Midnight City” (M83 Cover) – The Knocks ft. Mandy Lee

“Mr. Mister” – Sato Goldschlag ft Wynter Gordon

“Broke Phi Broke” – White Noise Mashups

“Walking Alone” (Magnus & Timon Rexmi) – Dirty South & the Usual Suspects ft. Erik Hecht

“Electro Beach” – 3LAU

“Set Fire” (3LAU Bootleg) – Michael Calfan & Adele

“Love You More” (RAC Mix) – Sunday Girl

“Youth” (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – Foxes

“Midnight City” (PatrickReza Dupstep Remix) – M83

“Spring Break Mix” – Kap Slap

“Can’t Stop Me” (Aylen Remix) – Afrojack & Shermanology

“Thank You” (Addict DJs Remix) – Dido

“The Fight of My Life” – Colin Munroe ft. Pusha T

“Happy Violence” (Manila Killa & El Cid Remix) – Dada Life

Sassarella Says…all you need is love. And perhaps, music.

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The trials, the tribulations, and the triumphs of a sassy and sophisticated 20 something girl
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