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How Fast Do You Fall?

The first time I fell hard and fast. A little less than a month into dating him I knew I loved him and that he loved me too. The second time I was in love was a slow progression over … Continue reading

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"Stupid boy, it’s like holding back the wind" – Keith Urban

Feeling oh so uninspired to write, yet knowing this is the only day I have free to get something off the ground, I frantically searched blogs, read articles, and listened to the most random music on my iTunes hoping for … Continue reading

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DJ CFabb: "Music is a safe kind of high" – Jimi Hendrix

Wednesday afternoon was the first afternoon in weeks that I’ve had to just sit in my apartment and chill with the music on. Instead of having a quick 20 minutes in between two jobs, I had a good 4 hours … Continue reading

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Hey, Have You Heard? Sassarella is Back, Biotches.

In the last month I have only sat down to write twice and both times came up with something so mediocre that I didn’t even bother to post it. I’ve been in a rut. Someone asked me where Sassarella has … Continue reading

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