Best of 2011: Photographs

Sassarella’s Year in Photos
January * “Watch this……”
January * Whale: 1 Meg & Christie: 0

January * Happy Birthday, Jackshmack!

January * Me: “Dave, why are you bartending?”
Dave: “Because we’re busy, want to switch places?”

February * Guest bartenders at McFadden’s!
February * “Weeiinnnnerrrrr….you forgot to say weeinnnerrrr, take a drink!”

February * “Some kind of magic happens late at night” – Joshua Radin

March * The Grape.
March * St. Pat’s Champ.
April * “It’s really a wonder we’re all single…” – Jackie

April * My boo!

April * Friday nights at The Whale!

May * Unofficial Soulful Striver!

May * Remember when I thought I was leaving DC so I made a
big deal about saying goodbye to everyone? I wrote letters, printed
out pictures, and sobbed my way around the city from bar to bar.

May * “I’m over you…talk me up to her over there.” – DJ WHALE

May * Dance party at Hogwarts

May * Paul’s text at 9:55AM: many graduates said the farm is the best thing 
and free hayrides. so boot and rally cause this is senior week. 
#NowOrNever. See all you MFers at the finish line

May * Georgetown University 2011

May * This night made this Marysol SO EFFING HAPPY!

June * “Awake my soul…” – Mumford & Sons

June * “Just so you know, this is already fun and we
haven’t even left the hotel room yet” – Lauren @ Avicii, Surf Club

June * Easily one of the greatest nights of my life w/ Tanya Bo Banya!!

June * “I iced him on his own tab…three times”

June * YA-YA!!!

July * Osprey to celebrate the 4th!

July * Pig roast!

July * La Jolla, San Diego, California!

 July * So this happened in Pacific Beach

July * Learned all about the debt ceiling in San Fran
….as well as many facts about great tasting beer 🙂

July * Santa Barbara with my little red head!

August * The night we walked from one pizza place to another.

August * Bar A…’nuff said.

August * Christie’s last night…AGAIN. 

September * “I betchu’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

September * Lauren got Whaled & danced on the McFadden’s bar

September * Misty’s 21st Birthday and a bottle of Jameson 12

September * The buhbies are out, her work here is done.

October * No Pants Party at Hole 5!

October * There are no words.
October * Black Eyed Peas

November * Bye, Higgins 😦

November * Happy birfday, Snow!
November * The night we stepped out of our comfort zone!
November * AViCiiiiiiii

November *  the to-go box of pretzels saved my entire night

November * Hot blondes & brunettes on Thanksgiving Eve

November * this guy made my night!

December * loff you to pieces.

December * See you all at Rosie and Tim Tebow’s Happy Ending

December * “My room is the drunkest place alive right now”

December * The happiest Zinzi girl in the world!
December * “OH MY GOD, you with your words like knives…”
December * I miss Sona!

Obviously there were many more good times, great photographs,
and fantastic people in my life over the last year but this is narrowed down
as best as I could! It is pretty gosh dern interesting to see who is still in ’em
and who is out of ’em but I guess that’s life! Want to be in next year’s
batch of pictures? Move to DC, k thanks! xo HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

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The trials, the tribulations, and the triumphs of a sassy and sophisticated 20 something girl
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