"There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves" – Terminator

For each of the last two months, I’ve written posts describing all of the amazing experiences I’m having in DC. The first month it was to show off slash explain how happy I am and how much I’m doing while you were sitting on the couch. The second month it was to show off a tad but it was primarily to prove to myself that I’m still living an amazing life despite the fact that my heart was a little bit broken. Today I want to make predictions, if you will, about what will happen in the next month.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you 
didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Since that last post only about a week ago, I’ve already had a kick ass time. I felt the pep coming back into my step after a day of yoga, shopping, and sushi with Brittany. We started the day at David’s Bridal. We signed up for assistance and were able to pick out dresses, try them on, model them around the store, try different sizes, and leave without ever being helped. We then moved onto the Springfield Mall where we both completely outfitted ourselves for the Avicii concert. Neon, belly shirts, and feather earrings, baby! And finally we made our way to Tyson’s Corner (a first for me) and I revealed my alter-ego to Brittany…she had never seen the mall-obsessed, fashionista side of me quite like this before. We ate at Wasabi…they put the sushi on a conveyer, you sit around the bar, and simply pick up whatever you want. Coolest thing ever.

“What’s a motto?” … “Nothing! What’s a motto with you?!”
It’s totally fine that you don’t get it…she does.

Since that last post only about a week ago, I went to L2 Lounge for the first time with Danni and Brittany. This membership based, quite posh lounge is everything you’d expect it to be. Sleek and modern furniture, cocktails waitresses in skimpy black dresses, fancy glasses, and top shelf liquor. Good thing we went there after working at Rhino in sneakers and jeans. You’re probably wondering how we got in after hours dressed like that…welp, we know people, that’s how. Later we went to a party in those apartments in Georgetown you know people only live in for part of the year because they spend the rest of the year gallivanting around Europe. Yeah, even though I was wishing I wasn’t in sneakers the whole time, poppin’ bottles of champagne seemed to make it all okay.

Since that last post only about a week ago, I fell even more in love with DC while out on a run. Not only did it feel great to switch up the exercise routine (since I’ve been a yoga addict recently) but I saw a city come together. An elderly woman walking with a cane, tripped and fell down in the street right in front of me. I, along with four other bystanders, rushed over to help her up. I ended up walking another couple of blocks with a fellow helper-outer. He complimented the song I was listening to and wrote down the web address for “Sassarella Says…” so he too could enjoy fabulous music.

Since that last post only about a week ago, I pulled the “Stop Requested” cable on the bus for the first time. I always felt funny about it for some reason. I had previously been lucky enough to get away with never pulling it because someone else was always getting off at the same stop but one day I just had to do it. I did it and now I do it a lot. I’m a big city girl now.

Since that last post only about a week ago, I celebrated Kim Ryan’s birthday at Rumors. When all three Ryan girls are in one place, we’re sure to have a good time. That same night I managed to ditch a blind date of sorts but he ended up showing up to Rumors, walked right up into my face, said “helllooooo,” and walked away. He hovered over our group for awhile watching my every move. In an attempt to get rid of him, I chatted up a stranger. The stranger and I hit it off, we made out, it was cool. Don’t worry, we did not make out at the bar, I learned that lesson a long time ago.

Since that last post only about a week ago, I went to Nellie’s and met the most FAB-ulous gays in the city. We chatted for hours about the Real Housewives of NJ, New York City, how my apartment is in the “best location everrrrrr,” and about how cute we all are. Needless to say, I will be making a return trip.

So now onto what I already know will be happening in the next month and what I hope will happen. In this next month, I will see the midnight showing of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I. Brittany, Sophie, and I bought tickets over a month ago. Totes Team Edward!

Oh heyyy, you!

In the next month, I will see Avicii for the second time at DC Armory! Ahhh FRIDAY NIGHT can’t get here any faster!

In the next month, I will get a fantastic j-o-b. A job that I really love and am good at. A job that I have fun doing. A job that allows me to write, that allows me to interact with people, and a job that possibly allows me to make Facebook statuses that say, “Off to Paris for the week!” That would be amazing. In the next month, whatever the job is, I will get one.

In the next month, I will get in amazing shape. I say this because I’m already very happy (for a change) with how I look. I need to make this a goal because I want to keep it up and make my body even better. I’m too hot for you now. Oh and these yoga biceps could whoop her butt. No big. In the next month I will run more and I will sign up for another month of unlimited yoga.

In the next month I will get over a boy and meet a man. Damn straight.

In the next month I will go home to New Jersey. I will love every second that I get to spend with my family and friends. I will have the best Thanksgiving Eve at Sona Thirteen. I will, however, be comforted in knowing that I made the right decision to move away for a little while.

In the next month I will have the most epic night at Zinzi Ball. I already have my dress, my shoes, my hotel room, and my eyelashes ready to go! If I had a great time last year, this year is sure to be even a bazillion times better. I know triple the amount of people, can hold my own, and know what to expect. I learned last year to expect that literally anything can happen. In the next month I’m sure I will say at least twice, “what happens at Zinzi, stays at Zinzi.”

In the next month I will try some of the really cute restaurants on my street. I walk by them all the g.d. time but have yet to try any of them. Aka, Brittany, in the next month let’s go out to dinner by me.

Sassarella Says…in the next month I will allow myself to be open for whatever happens next. I will continue to build relationships, make connections, and enjoy every minute that I get to say that I live in Washington, DC. I will try new things, go to new places, and step further out of my comfort zone. I will continue to write and you all will continue to love it. In the next month I will continue to grow up while staying young. I guess we’ll see just what happens in the next three weeks. Stick around for the update, bitzznatches!

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