"WOO WOO WOO" – Zack Ryder

Exactly one month ago I wrote a post about how happy I am in DC because of all of the wonderful things I am doing while living here. I wrote about my sense of urgency and the “do-ers” I am surrounded by. I wrote about how the number of posts per week is down because I’m out being happy and how it’s harder to write when I’m not hating the world. Now, another month later, things are a little bit different. I’m still going out doing things and having a blast but I’m not here to show off my life and encourage you to “DO SOMETHING” like I was a month ago. Now I’m here to show myself that life goes on and that one blow dart isn’t going to kill my whole lifestyle here. Some of the events I am about to re-cap happened with or because of the “it” who caused the little man in the pit of my stomach to go crazy but they are not here to serve as “how wonderful things once were” but instead “wow I’m lucky to have done that.” I’m determined to see them that way so help me out, will ya? 
In the last month, I met the third Ryan sister and had a blast! At “OH MY GOD McFADDEN’S” we danced, we sang songs, and had the usual out of control time. In the last month, I celebrated Columbus Day at the Sign of the Whale staff invite. There may have been an incident of PDA and thanks to Reilly I was reminded of it over and over again! Insert “wow, I’m lucky to have felt that way for a hot second” here.
In the last month, Brittany and I saw the movie 50/50. It was worth seeing if you haven’t already. After the movie we went to the Mighty Pint, candy and 7-11 Slurpees in hand, and encountered a sad little drunk girl in a black dress. She threw poop at Brittany and Browning…true story. “Excuse me, you’ve been sleeping on the bathroom floor for 20 minutes, please get up.” … “Either you’re going to leave me alone or I’m going to throw poop at you.” (haha yeah right, she’s kidding me right?) PLOP!! Look out! “Oh my effing God, she really just threw poop at the ceiling!!” Minutes later the cops were called. Incredible. I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t there.
In the last month, Brittany was put safely in her bed after a night out at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill. Ten minutes later, she shows up at Modern! Am I seeing things? How did you get out of your house, better yet, WHY?! This is one of those “only Brittany” moments that keep me laughing and having fun every day.
In the last month, I went to the Southwest waterfront for the first time. When our attempt to be productive and go to the gym failed, we (I mean do I need to even say “Brittany and I” at this point?) scooped up Quincy (Chachi’s dog) and walked all over the city playing the “who would you rather bang” game. For hours we walked, we talked, and fell in love with Quincy. After all of this walking and talking, we of course got hungry. Cantina Marina it is! The SW waterfront is very different from the Georgetown waterfront, way more chill and relaxed, and I liked it. I love this city because here I am totally out of my usual scene and we walk in to find Rob sitting at the bar doing work. Good thing we skipped the gym to walk Quincy and have nachos at the waterfront. Solid day.
In the last month, I had the pleasure of eating at Oceanaire. Johnnie Walker, a bottle of wine, excellent food, and good company….need I say more? It was amazing and I am lucky to have had that opportunity. (See, I’m really trying over here people!) Followed by a dance party and sing-a-long at the Whale with Trey and Simo…again, say no more. I was a very happy girl that night.
In the last month, I saw the old crew over homecoming weekend. I saw my Scrubby, my Meghan, and my Maggie! While it was great to see everyone, I couldn’t help but feel a little like they were invading my new turf. It sounds weird because DC is not new to me or to them but since my life here now is so different than it used to be, it feels that way. I loved college but I hated feeling like I was back in college. I didn’t like some of the old feelings that resurfaced when I was with people I hadn’t seen in awhile so I scooted out of Georgetown for most of the weekend. Whale and Rumors it is!
In the last month I saw Newseum man boy. It was weird, very weird. He came into Rhino with some friends and as I walked around serving people, including him on occasion, I was a little shaky. The kind of shaky that is a little nervous, a lot awkward, but still gosh darnit he’s HOT. The worst. I kept catching his friends talking about me and finally, I caught his best friends’ eye and I mouthed to him, “I can read your lips and I know you’re talking about me.” It was hilarious and despite the awkwardness, I’m glad it happened. I was bound to run into him somewhere and better it happen in my comfort zone.
In the last month, I “worked” at the Bar Stars Golf Tournament. Stuck at hole 5 all day, Brittany, Amber, and I needed to spice up the party. Where is the beer cart and why hasn’t it come by hole 5?! Ahh well Dale saved the day, “You know I never come up to this hole because it’s dangerous for the cart but I’ve heard from everyone along the way that there are three girls at hole 5 who desperately need some beers!” This entire day from start to finish was surreal. “Hi guys, so this is the closest to the hole competition….whoever gets the closest wins a weekend at the Jameson Lodge in Vermont, a chance to swim with the dolphins, and a $500 gift certificate to Camelot.” Or “Hey, if you buy raffle tickets you get to pick the next song we play…and I will take my pants off” (because naturally I brought my iPod and mini speakers). All of the prizes were fake and some poor golfers actually believed us, but my pants eventually did come off.  Nothing topped the most fun crew that came through which consisted of Oscar, Dave, and George, bottles of vodka, “WIGGGLE WIGGGLE WIGGGLE WIGGGLE” and the BARBRA STREISAND song. Oh and don’t forget Brittany’s “hot box” in the back seat of “the it’s” car. I will play golf every week. Feel free to ask me to work a tournament any time you want.
In the last month, I finally went to Chachi’s bar called Number Nine before the annual High Heel Race (aka the drag race). Danni knows the insider term because she’s a blogger! šŸ™‚ I love my neighborhood and on that night, 17th Street was flooded with gays dressed up in drag getting ready to race down the middle of the street. It was amazing.
In the last month I celebrated Halloween at the Whale dressed up as a cowgirl and the following night I dressed up as a “black EYE pea” with Brittany and Sophie. After a long day at Rhino the make-shift costume didn’t even phase me. I was happy to be out with good people and since the weather was so miserable we holed up at Rhino all night with BoBoscar, Misty, and Porter.
In the last month, I went to champagne brunch with Brittany, Murphy, and Danni at Chadwicks! Sunday mornings are usually dreaded because I’m le tired, hungover, and have to go to work. That Sunday, however, we finally got to partake in the Sunday Funday morning fun that we usually serve people and watch happen in front of us. I have to thank this group in particular for making me go. It was a great life decision, and due to the “it” who makes the little man in the pit of my stomach go crazy, it was just what I needed.
In the last month I worked the beer tub on Halloween dressed as school girl. I have really come to love and appreciate my regulars who make me feel like a million bucks every time they come into the bar. The Eagles crew, some of the Penn Staters, and the usual weekend suspects help get me through the day sometimes. See all ya’ll crazy Eagles boys tonight!
In the last month, Quincy, Brittany, and Bridesmaids got me through a tough day and night. “I met a dolphin down there and I swear to God that dolphin, looked not at me, but into my soul, looked into my Goddamn soul.”
In the last month I went to a Georgetown networking event at Sonoma Restaurant & Wine Bar. At first it felt great to be in a “Hoya Saxa” environment but the more I started to talk to people, I realized how tough it is to be in a room of bankers, lawyers, and politicians when you look back at them and say that you’re still working at Rhino. I love Rhino and am not ashamed to say that it pays my rent but to this group of sometimes too smart and arrogant for their own good, it was tough. However, by the end I shifted back into proud mode when I met the founders of Savored and made moves to send my resume along!
In the last month I ate at James Hoban’s, went to Public for the first time, and decorated Rhino with the most amazing Halloween wall ever created. In the last month I ventured into Virginia with Brittany and saw the house she grew up in. It made me miss home like woah. In the last month Brittany and I met a man named Charlie at 51st State, helped celebrate Snow’s birthday at Circa, and caught up with the always gorgeous and fabulous Irina! In the last month I jammed my finger on the ceiling of Rhino when I jumped up and down because the GMEN beat the Pats, I met the famous Pauly, and played DJ CFabb at the Sign of the Whale. In the past month I’ve continued to go to yoga and I’ve continued to really like it. 
Sassarella Says…in the last month I’ve made new friends, I’ve extended my DC network, and I’ve explored new neighborhoods and restaurants. I’ve been happier than ever. I’ve cried quite a bit. I’ve felt the comfort of good friends who have my back. In the past month things changed. My world was rocked a bit but in order to keep my balance, I gotta keep moving. I have to keep trying new things and meeting new people. Fortunately for me, that task isn’t proving to be so difficult!

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3 Responses to "WOO WOO WOO" – Zack Ryder

  1. Brielle H says:

    life does go on christie, that's why i had it permanently inscribed on my body.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All in 1 month!!! Woweee!!!

  3. Sassarella says:

    Ughh BRALLLLLLL it needs to "go on" faster….I need it to be another month from now lol

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