4 Reasons to Watch "Pan Am"

“A dame who knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up” – Mae West

New addiction: Pan Am on ABC. I watched the first four episodes over the last few days and this is a must watch. These days I think it takes a certain something for a show to make it in my book (other than ridiculously addicting reality shows) and this one is actually holding my attention. Here’s why…

1) The 1960s. I love the ’60s. I have no idea why but there’s something about this decade that always turns my head. The clothes, the language, the attitude, and the music are reasons enough to watch this show.

2) The big guns. The show is written by Jack Orman, who formerly wrote for ER, ’nuff said. And the director is Thomas Schlamme of Ally McBeal, Friends, and most importantly, The West Wing. Again, ’nuff said. The show has some big guns behind it aka you know it’s of the highest quality.

3) Her accent. She’s French, she’s fabulous, and she’s my favorite of the four main female characters.

4) And him. Jeremy Davidson.

Sassarella Says…watch Pan Am. The story lines are interesting, the editing is stimulating, and the characters are developed. I was also in desperate need of a 99th blog post so I can finally write a special 100th post, so get ready for it! Oh and one more thing, Christina Ricci is in it…ohhh haaaay girl haaaay!

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