"Shut up. Wake up. Grow balls." – My Tanya Bo Banya

So just in case you haven’t noticed, the number of posts per week is down compared to what it was over the summer. Why? Partly because it is infinitely harder to write when I am happy. As an author on thoughtcatalog.com put it, when you’re happy you go out and seek more happiness. However, when you’re sad, you sit around trying to figure out why you’re sad, which writing can often help you do. I’m happy in DC because I have a sense of urgency about me, meaning that I can’t sit around and watch television for hours on end. If it’s nice out, I want to take the extra time to walk home from yoga or to take the long way to work. Instead of sitting at home every night, I can easily go out and try a new place, new class, new movie, new something! It also helps that the people I am surrounded by all the time are do-ers. They get up and do things. They go places. I’m much better off if I keep moving and they are all helping me to do that. I’m using this post as a means of explaining why I’ve been absent from the blog and to share some of the experiences I’ve had in the last month. I also want to encourage you to DO SOMETHING with your lives. We get so stuck in our routines that life gets boring and Sassarella is here to demand that you don’t let that happen!

In the last month, I went to a gay club for the first time. After a long Saturday of college football at Rhino, Brittany and I found ourselves wandering from bar to bar in Georgetown but feeling like we wanted to do a little bit more. Brittany: “We could either just go to The Whale for the gazillionth time….OR….we could step a little bit outside of our comfort zone and go to Town.” Umm yeah, that was simple, LET’S GO! Men walking around shirtless + shots of Jameson + Michelob Ultra + “Chaaachiiii” = a fabulous night. Oh my gawd did we dance, like really and truly hard core danced with gorgeous guys who could have cared less about what we looked like. “So wait, you can dance with guys without feeling like you’re being molested?!” Perfect. We will be back soon, I’m sure of it.

In the last month, I saw Pepper at the 9:30 Club. When Brittany and George asked me to go, I almost said no. I was tired and had no idea where I would find the energy to listen to a band that I had never heard before. However, I can confidently say that this concert jumpstarted my new “you can sleep when you die” attitude. We met Chachi, Nick, and a few other friends at the venue and I instantly fell in love with the music. Maybe it was because I had a few beers in me or because Terry got us into a V.I.P section (yes, I’m bragging) or what but I loved it. It was such a release and I was again reminded of how much I absolutely love live music.

Two days later, Brittany asked me to meet her at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill, a bar I had heard of but never been to. Up at the outdoor back bar, I met the famous Tommy, Brittany’s friend Matt, and of course chatted with the lovely Sophie. All I can say is, I’m so happy that I’ve crossed over and opened myself up to this new life. I never in a million years would have done any of this while living here in college. It sounds so stupid to say but when George drove us from there to the Mighty Pint and then onto Sign of the Whale, I just remember feeling so happy. I laugh a lot when I’m at any of these places and with the group of people we would eventually hang out with that night.

In the last month, Lauren got WHALED! My best friend came to DC for a night and day to celebrate her birthday! I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. She came down on a Friday, just making her train, and we headed out to Sign of the Whale to see Oscar, Misty, and Trey. Within minutes, I knew this had potential to be a disastrous idea. Lauren, a vodka only kinda gal, was handed a shot of Jameson, a car bomb, and a shot of something sugary. After some time, I decided it was best to evacuate the situation and head to McFadden’s. At McFadden’s, we danced on the bar with Aubrey and sang along to Dirt Road Anthem! The next day she made quite a Jersey scene at Rhino for college football. She got the table of PSU fans chanting at half time and played flip cup as I worked. I watched my worlds collide and was again, happy.

That night I got to see my Meghan at McFadden’s! I swear we both almost cried three or four times over the course of the night because we were over-joyed to reunite. It felt like old times but better! She looked UH-MAZING and quite content herself 🙂 The next day at Rhino I was recognized by a customer as “the girl in the black dress dancing on the bar by herself at McFadden’s last night.” Embarrassing but awesome.

After work, I went to Front Page with the Rhino crew for Sunday Funday. Again, I had never been here before so of course I was pumped to try yet another new bar. The night didn’t go as planned but in a sick and twisted way, I think it helped strengthen the up-the-butt relationship between Brittany and I. The night ended in a full on love fest on the side of the road about our friendship, why we LURVE each other, and how much fun we’ve been having together. #lesbehonest

That Tuesday was Misty’s birthday celebration! Walking into Old Ebbitt Grill, I was again thrilled to be somewhere NEW. The salt and pepper crowd threw me off a little bit but at some point in our walk around the restaurant to find the group, I could hear the yelling and screaming. I could only assume it was my friends and it was. (Definitely need to go back here for a full meal, the raw bar is out of control). Dave drove us to McFadden’s (I think at this point I can call it “OH MY GOD MCFADDEN’S”) and No Fun The Most Fun Joe hooked us up with a bottle of Jameson 12 Year Old. Put it this way, the night would eventually be called “Misty’s 21st Birthday Celebration” because that’s just how we were acting. Misty girl is the best birthday girl in the whole wide world!

In the last month, I had the privilege of going to Capital Grille. This was the royal treatment if I ever saw it! Champagne, wine, and a handful of amazing courses of food. I had my first (and second) Stoli Doli, which is Stoli vodka infused with pineapple juice for EIGHT, yes EIGHT, days. I’m obsessed. It was the best meal I have had in a long ass time – two different types of steak with different sauces, veggies, gourmet mac & cheese with lobster, fresh tuna…I’ll stop now, sorry.

In the last month, I’ve had sushi with Sophie and Brittany at Mate twice. Can’t get enough of those volcano rolls!

In the last month, I saw White Ford Bronco at 19th. Another new band and another new bar…need I say more? No but I will. Brittany (I know, you must be shocked that she’s involved with this story too) and I met a random assortment of people there to see this ’90s cover band. We rocked out to the Spice Girls, Garth Brooks, the Goo Goo Dolls, and I’m pretty sure they played “Mmmbop” and Ace of Base too. I sipped my Johnnie Walker Black in a plastic cup and thoroughly enjoyed myself. After Sophie met us there, we left to go to….”OH MY GOD MCFADDEN’S!” Here I witnessed a hilarious display of drunkenness by the lovely Brittany RyRy and belted out “Wagon Wheel” until I lost my voice yet again!

In the last month, I’ve tried hot yoga at Down Dog in Georgetown. As part of the “look amazingly hot for Halloween/Zinzi plan” us girls are on a mission. I was always hesitant to try this form of exercise but hot damn do you sweat! I’m continuing to increase my flexibility and enhancing my already at peace mind. It’s a win-win-win-win situation and you should try it.

In the last month, I saw Moneyball with (ready, wait for it…) Brittany. I mean we had just gone to yoga and Mate…why not continue the date for another couple of hours at a movie? Anyway, the movie was good but it really made me miss my dad. Hi Dad!

“The Show” by Lenka
By the way, Little Mermaid, this is the song!
Not Regina Spektor or Colbie Caillat…fail.

And in the last month, I finally tasted the famous margaritas, delicious sangria, and tasty fajitas at Lauriol Plaza. I also got my Rumors cherry popped with a “Chugger” from Joe K (Brittany’s high school graduation bartender, which she will be sure to tell you awwwwl about).

Sassarella Says…”OHH HAAYYY BOOO HAAAY!” Get the eff out there and DO SOMETHING! You’ll feel better about life and if you don’t, well then you can blame me.

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