DJ CFabb: Team #GymSwag

There was once a time when Lauren and I literally could not be at the gym at the same time. We would immediately start gabbing about nonsense and completely forget about working out. Now that only happens on occasion and we’ve somehow been able to get work done together at the gym. Do work. This week we’re calling our running, zumba-ing, and ab crunching duo, “Team #GymSwag.” To be on Team #GymSwag you have to be in either all black or in black and white attire and black sneakers with a popping neon color somewhere on them. If you’re going to wear a color, it should match the poppin neon color, and if it doesn’t match, it should certainly not clash. For example, my teal blue undies matched the teal blue on my kicks and Lauren’s yellow neon sports bra matched the yellow neon in her sneaks. You get my drift.
To be on Team #GymSwag you must also have motivation to support the workout. Like for us this week, it’s D’Jais. We have semi-serious plans on going to the juice head and Snooki look-a-like filled bar this weekend down the shore so obviously we have to look fresh-2-death. So whether your motivation is for a guy, for revenge, or for like health or whatever, ya just gotta have a target. When Pauly yells, “taxis sono qui” you’ll be good to go.
Coming off of a fabulous weekend, including lots of tequila at Sona and lots of Nonna’s Grandma pizza I needed a little boost to get my workout going. And part of Team #GymSwag is the music. Gotta have the beats. I know I just posted a bunch but I have so many new ones that I just have to share…enjoy!
“Turn Me On” by David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
“Night of Your Life” by David Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
“Give Me Everything” (Sex Ray Vision Remix) by Pitbull
“The Killer Satisfaction” (mashup) by Yoni
“Just A Little More Love” (Big Room Remix) by David Guetta
“Accidents Happen” by Zoe Badwi
“Stay Awake” by Example
“Sunshine” by David Guetta & Avicii
“Rolling Joints” by 5 & A Dime
“Let’s Play” by Kristina Maria

“Wonderland” by Natalia Kills

Sassarella Says…work it, Team #GymSwag, work it!

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