Dwell in possibility – E. Dickinson

So last night Sassarella’s recent routine continued…I couldn’t sleep. Here’s what kept me up thinking: the city of Los Angeles, California. I watched an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and an episode of Entourage last night, both of which take place in LA. The city was on my brain.

I spent an hour or so on Google looking up public relations firms that are either based on LA or that have an office in LA because I’m really starting to think, rather coming around to confirming, that this is what I want to do. I thought about how I’ll need to send Eileen the list and ask her what to do next.

The thoughts that kept me up ranged from how I would get there, to wondering whether or not I would have to change my license plate and driver’s license, to imagining unlocking my first apartment door. I thought about how I’d want to do a serious “Auf Weidersehen Weekend” in DC and make everyone from New Jersey go down and experience The Whale and Rhino. My thoughts even ventured into serious futuristic plans like when the time came to buy another car and how I would need my dad to fly out and help me. I wondered about how I could swing a stop in DC on my way home to Jersey for the holidays. I thought about how I would make friends, hopefully meet nice people at work and maybe a guy or two. I thought about the first time Lauren comes to visit and I could picture us walking into a club that I’ve been dying to try but saving it for her trip.

I thought about how it would work out perfectly to get things set up so that after the family vacation and the trip to Vegas with the girls, I’ll be all ready to go. I will have spent a fantastic summer in New Jersey and can now move on. I thought about how even if my day job doesn’t pay very well that I could get a night job for some cash….but then I thought about how that plan wouldn’t leave me very much time to write this blog. Hmm. I even thought about how I wouldn’t have to worry about my annual winter problem of never having the right boots or jacket.

 “Women are like crockpots, they heat up real slowly to a nice simmer.
Men are like microwaves, they go from A to Z, SCHWING!” – Patti Stanger

As you all know (based on my previous post inspired completely by these television shows), I watch probably too much of Bravo TV and E!. This weekend while watching Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker I decided that she is one of my heroes. She is a no BS, get your butt in line, sometimes brutally (but always necessarily) honest businesswoman. She has a fantastically sassy way of actually saying what everyone else is thinking. Chelsea Handler of Chelsea Lately is another no BS, brutally honest businesswoman. She is by far one of the funniest women on television and it is partly because she just doesn’t give a sh!t. She tells it like it is. I remember sitting down at a Barnes & Noble cafe in Georgetown last year and her book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang was on the the table. I spent the next half hour skimming the pages and cracking up out loud (by myself) instead of studying.

 “Are you there, Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea” – Chelsea Handler

So what’s the big deal? Patti and Chelsea are from Short Hills, NJ and Livingston, NJ respectively. And ya know what, both of these towns are within 15 minutes of good ole Flo Po. Knowing that these two successful, beautiful, intelligent, hilarious (and now famous) women are coincidentally from my area of NJ somehow comforts me. Should we be surprised that powerhouse women have Jersey roots? Not at all. It confirms that there’s something so special about us Jersey Girls and that we have a “we’ll make it no matter what” attitude.

I was also watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night. The Manzo family had me laughing and crying. First of all, the bracelets that Caroline had custom made by Yanina & Co with the infinity symbol representing each kid, herself, and her husband was very touching. Albie and Chris had me absolutely cracking up at Christmas Eve dinner and at Alexa Ray Joel‘s performance, so much so that seeing them makes me want to have kids. Seeing their family, along with the Laurita’s, the Gorga’s, the Giudice’s, and the Wakile’s celebrating Christmas I wondered if I could really leave New Jersey. Then it dawned on me, the best time of year to be in New Jersey is around Christmas time….which I would come home from LA for anyway! The second best time is in the summer and I’m sure I could work out a week or so to be around. Anyway, I think the point of watching these shows, relating to the characters, and making connections to my own world is that I want a life. I want a life that is mine, that I’ve created and cultivated, one that I can say I did things, but always knowing that I can come back home.

There’s no place like home.

Let me connect my life to another form of entertainment, ok? Ok. So I watched Eat, Pray, Love the other day and what I learned from that movie is that no matter what happens, you can always pick up the pieces and start over. Yeah so sometimes sh!t happens but who says you can’t pack up and take a year to live in Italy, India, and Bali? It gives me hope that even if I move across the country and fail, that I can always re-group and start over.

Let me re-fresh you on my “things just seem to work out for me” motto…I work my booty off knowing that through hard work I will find success. When I expect good things, well then good things just work out for me. I’m just starting to wrap my head around actually pursuing job opportunities but I’m still not making myself crazy over it because I know what is meant to be will be. I know that if I go in for an interview and mess something up or don’t have the perfect answers that it wasn’t meant to be anyway. I’m competitive, a bit of a perfectionist, and the tiniest bit controlling so I know that those aspects of myself would never let me not try or be unprepared in any way. However, at the end of the day, if an opportunity wasn’t meant to be then so be it.

So I’m not sure if I was really convincing you with this post or I’m still convincing myself but between what I’ve already said about CA and what I’m continuing to think about at 3AM….I’d say there is something worth discussing there.

Sassarella Says…I love LA, public relations and writing are proving to my main focuses, Jersey women like Stanger and Handler rock, who says you can’t go home to the Manzo’s, if everything goes wrong well then I’ll move to Bali, and here’s a reminder to be patient, Sassarella, because you know things always work out for you.

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