"Oh you’re gonna have to walk faster than that! You’re gonna have to turn into friggen Flo Jo to get away from me!" – Lorelai

With Mother’s Day approaching, (by the way how did that holiday sneak up on us already?!) I’m obviously thinking about the mothers in my life. First and foremost, my mother. I mean after all, she did give me life! My mother is the best. She raised me with a unique balance between hard ass mommy Nazi and best friend. Her opinion is the one I value the most and I consider her support the most encouraging. I can only hope to become half the woman, wife, mother, and friend that she is. To attempt to do justice to her greatness and to the special bond that we share on a blog post is just silly because anything I say won’t be enough. I love her, I need her, and I couldn’t survive without her. The profound influence she will always have on my life is indescribable.

In so many ways, my mom and I are them.
There are so many clips but this one is always a personal favorite:

My mom-mom is a special lady. She let Sammy and me color on her walls, build forts in her living room, and create an entire beauty salon in her kitchen. I believe that if we asked her to today, she would still play hours of restaurant and hotel with us too. She’s created full-on scavenger hunts for Christmas presents, she got me the coveted My Size Bride Barbie, never forgets a birthday, takes a thousand pictures that I am so grateful to have today, and is my biggest cheerleader in anything I do. Admit it, you’re jealous she isn’t your mom-mom.

Grandma Rose is the quintessential Italian grandma. She introduced me to the necessities in life: black cherry soda, rocky road ice cream, The Price is Right, eggplant parm, and chicken cutlets. Her hot coco and chicken soup after a day playing in the snow warms the soul. I will always remember watching Mary-Kate and Ashley or Disney movies on the couch when I was sick. And then there’s that red sauce – “Want something to eat? Let me make you something! No? Come on, just a taste. Little taste, come on.” Yup, that’s Grams. Ok great, now I’m hungry.

I have other mommies too: Shiiiirl, Rachie, and Mama Kath. Sheryl is my little love bug. When Sammy and I were growing up we used to say that we were switched at birth. However now I like to think that Sammy and I are a wonderful combination of both L and S because they pretty much raised us together. “Bud Light, she said!” or how about a Disco Inferno lyric? Both remind me of her and my mom. Sheryl’s laugh brightens a room and I love that even when I’m 40 years old she’ll still call me “Little Girl.”

Rachie loves me to the very end. She is the first one to talk me up to anyone she meets and is never shy in expressing just how proud of me she is. Without her and her support, middle school and high school could have been pretty miserable. I still value her advice today. Need a cheerleader? Go see Rachie. Need a big party? Go see Rachie. Need motivation to study? Go see Rachie. She is one of the strongest and most capable women I have ever met in my life.

There is not a shot that I would be who I am today without Mama Kath. She introduced me to the kind of life I want to live. She is fun, caring, incredibly beautiful, and hard-working. Her strength is overwhelming in a “you go, girl” kind of way. She is clever, sassy, and quick-witted. She knows what she wants and she knows how to go out and get it. All of the above personality characteristics of Mama Kath are qualities that I hope will describe me some day.

The six women I just described all have something in common: me 🙂 Obviously they have each had an influence on my life and will continue to inspire me until the day I die. They have all also raised incredible people. My mom, well she raised me, so ’nuff said there. My mom-mom raised my mother. Grams raised my father, who has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He also helped raise my sister who I look up to and admire. Sheryl produced that little Sammy girl of mine. That little Sammy girl gave me a childhood full of wonderful memories. She’s stuck with me for the long haul, that one! Whether we’re raising kids or starting a company, she’s family. Rachie raised my Gabbie-dabbie-do and I will never forget the moment I knew she was a keeper. She stuck up for me and has stood by my side since we were youngin’s. YA-YA! And Mama Kath, thank God for her and that girl of ours. She raised my rock, my dancing partner, my support system, and the friend who can never ever leave me or I’d be lost. She raised my sister, my partner in crime, and as far as soul mates go, well Mama Kath raised her. I love you all more than I will ever be able to say.

On a slightly different note, I’d like to take a minute to acknowledge the most influential people of my Georgetown experience. I’m just going to list them because, like I’ve said, there is no way to do justice to people and their influence on a blog post.

My parents, my family, the OKS bubble (Tim Lear, Mary Sciarrillo, Joan Paster, & Veronika Zavaleta-Tejada come to mind immediately), Coach Pat, Scrubby, Courtney Hub, Meghan, Maggie girl, JKluWhatItDo, KZ, Kat I, Tinaaaaa, Professor Zimmers, Fr. Maher, “The Boys,” and so many more. I would not even be here, I would not be surviving and flourishing here, nor would I be just about to graduate from here without all of them.

And to bring it all back around: I love you, Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!

“…If you’re out on the road, feelin’ lonely and so cold, all ya have to do is call
my name and  I’ll be there on the next train. Where you lead, I will follow 
anywhere that you tell me to. If you need, you need me to be with you, 
I will follow where you lead…”

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5 Responses to "Oh you’re gonna have to walk faster than that! You’re gonna have to turn into friggen Flo Jo to get away from me!" – Lorelai

  1. Mom-Mom says:

    Christie, Your are so wonderful! I love you!Mom-Mom

  2. Sherry says:

    holy cow girl! give me the freakin tissue box!! that was awesome. what a testimony!! sista sherry in fl.

  3. LuAnn says:

    I love that kid.

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh my goodness, Christie, your blog is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your kind words and your love. What does Lu say….'Love your guts'!!!

  5. uncle don says:

    hi christie,,,, very powerful stuff here..cant wait to see what part of this country you take over… best wishes to have your dream become your reality, and this is so!love always,uncle don

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