Thirsty Thursday: "Aftuuhh 500 years we’re still fweends!"

Don’t feel badly if you don’t understand the title.
You shouldn’t unless you’re one of the Fab 5.

Last night at 10pm I was casually lounging in my bed (the tree house) watching Grey’s Anatomy. I had given up on the notion that I would get work done but I was absolutely certain that I wasn’t going out. I was successfully ignoring the warm weather, the dance music blasting outside, and Allie dancing around singing “Who Dat Girl” and “P.Y.T.” (the Glee version, good god). Next thing I know a certain loud-mouthed Ecuadorian Italian brunette comes bounding into my house and declares that she will be getting in bed with me, “Move over, I’m coming up” (if you don’t know, my bed is called the tree house because it is lofted up and over my entire room). Jackie, the loud-mouthed Ecuadorian Italian brunette, and I consulted Allie on her outfit, played some game on her iPhone with pigs and birds or something (who knows), but mainly just giggled for a half an hour. “You are easily one of the most, if not the most, entertaining person I’ve ever met in my life,” I told her. Jackie doesn’t even have to try to make me laugh, it just happens naturally. Of course she is hilarious but she’s entertaining in the way that she doesn’t even have to try. Simply the way she talks and functions as a human being is hilarious and I adore it.

Eventually Jackshmack and Allie go downstairs and I can hear them having a dance party in my kitchen. I’m still resisting until I hear Meghan come home. Well now I gotta go downstairs and at least see what’s happening, right? Bad idea. The moral of the story is that Meghan, who was also not going out, and I get peer pressured into changing our clothes and going out. By 10:45 I’m dressed and ready with a glass of wine. Allie put *Nsync’s “It’s Tearin’ Up My Heart” on the iPod and we were off, “It’s a wonder we’re all single….” (Jackie sarcastically pointed out as we bopped around the kitchen doing dance moves such as “the Q-Tip”). It reminded me a lot of being in high school….but with booze and better shoes. We made a good group and it felt fun and loose, oMigOsh jUSt hAvinN’ fUn wiTh mY gUrLs. I asked them as we walked four across and occasionally arm-in-arm down to the bar if we were Sex & the City who would each of us be. I immediately wanted to be Carrie but realized that in this group, Jackie is Carrie. Allie is definitely Charlotte, Meghan (the level-headed one of the bunch) is Miranda and well, that leaves me as Samantha…..hmmm….I’ll just leave it at that.

Throw back 🙂

I ended up being very happy that I went out. The weather was fantastic and I didn’t even need to drink all that much because we were holding down the dance floor. These three girls are three of the best friends that I have in this city so the combination of us all together was fun with or without the alcohol. No hang over for me today 🙂

So in the spirit of feeling like a kid, yesterday I heard a little boy outside the elementary school across the street from my house say to his friend (in all seriousness), “Uh huh, I wanna be Super Man.” It was preshhhious. I started to wonder what super power I would want to have if I could choose anything. I initially narrowed it down to flying, mind reading, and invisibility. Of course there are times when I’d love to know what is on someone’s mind, hell I wish we could Google what someone is thinking, I mean we can Google everything else! I also thought about the amount of times I think to myself, “Wow, I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation” hence the invisibility thing. However, after much thought and consideration I have concluded that I completely agree with the little chubby cheeks kid, I would want the ability to fly. Reading minds and being invisible would be helpful in a lot of situations but that’s messing around with fate. I know better than to toy with the f-word.

I have a feeling that I would get greedy and want to know too much. Although I’m also pretty certain that I really wouldn’t want to be privy to the dark and twisted thoughts, I have enough of those on my own thank you! And finally, then there would be 0.0 fun in getting to know someone.

Now flying, on the other hand, would be AWESOME. Of course since this is my super power, I would make it that flying burns 10 times as many calories as working out. That way I could fly around all the time and be skinny and in shape for my entire life. Naturally. Think of the possibilities though – I’d rarely ever be late because it’s not like I can get stuck in traffic, I could see the world at little cost because it’s not like I’d have to buy plane tickets, and I’d get the top down, wind in my face, hair flowing in the breeze feeling ALL THE TIME. Yup, it’s decided, my super power would be to fly.

“Louder Than Words” by David Guetta ft. Afrojack

So fly away into the weekend my chick-a-dees! Catch ya on the flip side.

 I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist one more….

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