"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" – John Lennon

On one hand, Tuesday is the dreaded full day of classes but on the other, it is the best day for online browsing. I frequently mention these alleged blogs and sites that I read all day long so I thought I’d share some of them to help all of you get through your Tuesday classes or work day.

 Side note: I need a job that absolutely REQUIRES me to sit
in coffee shops all over the world, listen to music, and write all day long.
Suggestions are welcomed and even encouraged.

First, set the mood with some background noise. What is wasting time without music? It’s lame, that’s what it is. I’m going on week numero dos of obsessive-ness with this site, We Are Hunted. You can either listen to the music they have posted as is or you can sign up, which I did, and create your own chart and only listen to the music you select from the site. I like it because I can go from Lykke Li to Lady Gaga and back to Matt & Kim. You can search music by genre and popularity but I like the “Emerging” category because Sassarella needs new music every .5 seconds.

Next get the ball rolling with Thought Catalog. These articles are easy to read, usually pretty short, and are brutally honest about some of the most ridiculous topics. Articles range from “How to Be Boring” to “New Startup Will Create and Manage Online Girlfriend for You” and everything in between. One of my favorites is “The Celebrated Misogny of Jersey Shore”, obviously. I’ve also mentioned an article on a previous post about how to be a 20 something (See my post, “Yo Sass Pot, Prepare for the Best and the Fastest Ride”).

AskMen.com is actually one of my favorite time-wasting sites to read. I particularly enjoy the articles under “Live Better” that range from topics like “how to make a threesome actually happen” to “what to do if she’s insecure” to “you’ll never believe how closely related fantasy football is to the dating world”. They are absolutely hilarious and 150% entertaining for women to read. For the most part, I’d make the general statement that if guys read this crap and actually follow it word for word, you’re going to end up an alone a$shole but I guess some of it is on point. Either way, it’s always interesting to read about situations from the opposite perspective and when I think about it, the information in women’s magazines are just as ridiculous. With that being said, carry on, AskMen.com

So do you feel like you’re getting dumber by the minute? This is when I head over to Newser. I’m a visual learner and this site is set up so that I can pick which articles I want to read based on how attracted I am to the picture. (Yes, I’m a five year old). It is real, up-to-date, and pertinent news but put in a simpler, and in my opinion, more interesting format than CNN or MSMBC.

In the event that you don’t want to think at all and just want to look at some pictures that aren’t of last Friday night’s drunken debacle, check these out.
1) Candy Chang : She is an insanely creative artist and designer who “likes to make cities more comfortable for people”. Two of my favorite projects are “Before I Die” (Coolest thing ever, just sayin’) and “Sidewalk Psychiatry”.
2) Gindy’s Pics : A freakin’ fantastic example of why I need an iPhone. This is a friend’s personal tumblr of photographs taken on his iPhone. Click on any of the thumbnails for the full version, in fact, start with the first one and look through all of them…you won’t be disappointed.

Or you can check out spring 2011 fashion trends in an interview with my brother, Mathew. You are da bomb diggity and I’m so proud to call you my brotha from anotha motha, literally.

And if all else fails you can join me in my latest addiction, stumbleupon.com. This is a college student’s best friend and worst enemy. If you don’t know already, you sign up, select general topics that interest you and start stumbling! The site generates an endless collection of websites related to your interests. WARNING: If you have an addictive personality, DO NOT sign up for this site unless you don’t plan on doing ANYTHING REMOTELY productive EVER AGAIN. I had to give myself a time limit a few days ago, “Whatever site you stumble upon at 1am is the LAST one and then you MUST sign off!” … it didn’t work but it was worth a shot. If you do sign up and get the toolbar, go to my blog homepage and “Like It” so others can start “stumbling upon” my page (you’ll know what I mean if you do it). 

Of course there is a laundry list of other sites bookmarked on my computer but an artist knows better than to reveal all areas of her inspiration. Although, in my life, the buttheads seem to be constantly inspiring me to write fun-filled, heart-felt blog posts about how utterly ridiculous you all are 🙂 
Alright, good talk, I’ll see ya out there.

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