DJ CFabb: "To those about to rock, I salute you" – Dewey Finn

 “I don’t need to be famous and I don’t need all the money in the world, it’s not about that. It’s about the girl who’s having a horrible day and she hears your song and for 5 minutes, there’s hope. It’s like for 5 minutes the world isn’t such a scary place for her. You asked if that’s going to be enough, that’ll be more than enough.” – Mia from One Tree Hill on her music career

This post is a product of yet another late night downloading binge. 
I’ve compiled a list of what’s on repeat for me these days.

“Better Than Love” by Griffin House
Also by Griffin House: “The Guy Who Said Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind”
“You’re My World” by The DNC ft. Gigi
“Winter” by Joshua Radin
“A Little Bit Stronger” by Leighton Meester
“G.O.A.T” by Eminem
“Squealing Pig” by Admiral Fallow
Two covers of “Heartbeats” by The Knife
 “Heartbeats” by Ellie Goulding

“Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez

“Free Fallin'” by The Almost (Tom Petty Cover)

If a song is blog worthy, then I assure you it’s download worthy.
Good day I say to you.

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The trials, the tribulations, and the triumphs of a sassy and sophisticated 20 something girl
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