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"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" – John Lennon

On one hand, Tuesday is the dreaded full day of classes but on the other, it is the best day for online browsing. I frequently mention these alleged blogs and sites that I read all day long so I thought … Continue reading

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Weekend Warrior: Keep Walking

Who wants to have some fun? After all of this moving on business, I was in serious need of some fun. The Johnnie Walker taste testing event was uhh-may-zing. Meghan and I got to the auditorium and signed in to … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: I am woman! I am invincible! I am pooped!

I wasn’t planning on a new post today until I found this. (On the Internet, not in my pocket, I promise). Like it’s that easy, right? Luckily, I have good people and good things in my life that make it … Continue reading

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DJ CFabb: "To those about to rock, I salute you" – Dewey Finn

 “I don’t need to be famous and I don’t need all the money in the world, it’s not about that. It’s about the girl who’s having a horrible day and she hears your song and for 5 minutes, there’s hope. … Continue reading

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"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?" – our 43rd President, George W. Bush

The other night I was pacing between my room and Allie’s room where she and Maggie were doing homework watching YouTube videos and chatting on Facebook. I finally decided to go to bed because I had literally exhausted every option … Continue reading

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Weekend Warrior: "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose" – F.N.L.

Saturday night was a date night with the previously mentioned “new gentleman caller”. I’m choosing to avoid nicknaming him according to the roster, in which he would be number 9, because I want to separate him from the pack. Here’s … Continue reading

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Weekend Warrior: So what if I’m an impatient fool? Deal with it.

Patience is a virtue, however, I can honestly admit that I seriously lack any type of patience. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that I’m an obnoxiously impatient person. I have my theories as to why … Continue reading

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Weekend Warrior: "What if he can’t open the pickle jar?!" LM

Friday: Too hung over and tired to move. A Thursday night out with my whiskey girl, aka Jackie, at McFadden’s was enough to keep me immobile Friday. I spent the evening having dinner with Meghan at The Tombs and watching Friends. Saturday: … Continue reading

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Yo Sass Pot, "prepare for the best and the fastest ride" ~A & A

This just in: I’ve discovered yet another blog to read instead of doing homework and it’s called “The Rumpus”.  It’s a weird collaboration of articles and facts but the column that grabbed me is called “Dear Sugar”.  Sugar’s age and … Continue reading

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