Weekend Warrior: Jete Untamed

“Dance the night away / Live your life and stay out on the floor
Dance the night away / Grab somebody, drink a little more
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Tonight we gon’ be it on the floor
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Tonight we gon’ be it on the floor”

Clearly this weekend was horrible AWESOME. Friday night started off with a kick ass shift working at Rhino during happy hour. I was by myself and it was busy, which I absolutely adore. It had been awhile since I worked a busy shift but it felt great and made some casheesh. I later made the usual appearance at The Whale, ran into some Rhino lovies, and drank some dranky dranks. Allie and I took our relationship to a new level in the ladies’ room involving a gum incident and a lot of giggling. She then lost her phone and we went home. Standard.
Saturday I woke up feeling a little blue. I was thinking that I’d eventually snap out of it, get motivated, go for a run and do some homework. Welp, you can probably guess that none of that happened, with the exception of the snapping out of it. Allie, Courtney, and I went to The Tombs to watch the Georgetown basketball game. Things escalated quickly. We brought our table party over to the bar with some of Courtney’s alumni friends and eventually made our way down to Rhino, sans Courtney. We were sad to see her go, however, I really don’t hate a Saturday of day drinking….me love you long time. At about 5:30 or so, Allie and I went to Papa Razzi for real food. We sat in Ryan’s section, obviously, and had the giggly giggles. We chit chatted about life, had some brewskis, and heckled the crap out of Ryan while he was trying to work. On the walk home from Papa, we tried to cut through the mall but got lost in the apartment buildings attached to the mall. Hiiiiilarious. Allie chose to sing Usher’s “fell in love with shortieee oh oh oh oh oh my god” the whole way through. It was just the kind of day I needed. We had a blast and I was loving the QT with my Scrubby. And let me tell you, she was on her game all day. Please watch this (funniest part is at about the 2:45 mark) and then ask her to do her version. You won’t regret it.

“He sneezed, debris, movement.”
“I said God bless you, which ya know is God bless you 
but it kinda sounded like cover your effing mouth. Yeah incognito.”

So we get home and are expected to rally for phase two. Maggie and Courtney had more of a normal person day so they were ready to go out (in matching shirts no less, I’m sure they called ahead and planned it). I’m not gonna lie though, I was losing steam. I showered, didn’t even bother to dry my hair (oh yeah baby, worked the sexified hair look with pride), and threw on some jeans and a black shirt. These are my favorite kind of nights. Since I almost didn’t even make it out, I had very little expectations and it ended up being FaNTaBULoUs with a capital F.
I love drunk Maggie. I love sober Maggie too but drunk Maggie is another form of human that is wonderful. We had a blast at Chadwicks. Ya know, girly girls doing girly things, quoting movies and falling in love with the manager (Ok, that part was only me). Marry me, Dan. Too soon?
Anyway, Mags and Court wanted to make moves to The Guards, Allie wanted to stay at Chaddys with Ryan and the Papa Razzi crew, and I headed to the “2nd floor waterfront bldgs” to meet up with Magic 8 Ball. (By the way M8B, you said “fo sho” in a text message, not gonna let that one down). So I had no clue what was going on but I saw the trail of drunk, Louboutin wearing, blonde girls in party dresses and blazers holding on for dear life to whichever guy they were leaving with…basically, I knew I didn’t have to worry about anyone noticing me crashing the party or that I was under dressed. M8B found me outside (hello hotttie in a suit), walked me in past the “chick at the elevator” and went up to the second floor of what I always thought was an ordinary office building. Still trying to get the lay of the land, I see a certain Mighty Pint bartender friend, helped him button the buttons on the cuff of his shirt, watched him have a dance-off….by himself….and really knew I’d be just fine.
The second floor of this ordinary building was completely gutted and unfinished. There were isolated bars set up, a dance floor and DJ booth, a VIP section, and a buffet….? So strange. The rich and famous of Georgetown partying in what looked like a dressed up attic. I mean, it was awesome, don’t get me wrong but completely took me by surprise.
I had so much fun with him. I would occasionally run into someone I know but I really liked that for the most part I knew no one but M8B. We got drinks, made friends, and danced: “Oh nahhh nahh what’s mah name? Ohh nah nah what’s my name?” He was embarrassed for me because I knew all the words but come on, don’t even act like you don’t like RiRi šŸ˜‰ M8B is a very good dancer. I’m picturing him doing some salsa-ish move under the neon pink strobe lights.
A special lady, and I mean a really special lady, wanted to dance just a tad too aggressively with me. When I more or less let her down easy, she went after M8B! She couldn’t decide which way she wanted to swing but it was entertaining to say the least. The gala was coming to an end and last call was approaching so I grabbed us each two glasses (to double fist, obviously), asked the bartenders to top off our RBVs, and we continued on our night at the mystery party. I have since looked up where I was and it seems that I crashed a benefit thrown by the Washington Ballet. Not too shabby for a Jersey girl.

M8B got us lost leaving the building. Hit this button for assistance: “Uhh yeah hi, we’re having some trouble and seem to be stuck. Can someone come down and open the door please?” Nice attempt at sounding sober. No judgment from me though, considering I kept trying to open a clearly locked door. Nice.
Somehow we got out and ended up at Rhino. This is two nights now that M8B ventured to Rhino and I never would’ve thought I’d get him through the front door. I think it’s like a bad car crash that you know is terrible but can’t stop looking at. He probably hates it but can’t help but find it hilarious to see how we college kids party in Georgetown. You know, see if it’s changed since way back in the day. (I know, I’m so funny).
We talked with Billy, JC, and Stiles over a vodka soda and a Stella for a little while longer then headed home. The next morning was equally as fun as the night before. I swear, Allie Hub, you need a television show or some venue to share your comedic talents with the world. She was on fire, once again. Her and W.B. Gumdrops (another code name for M8B) got along famously, cracking jokes, and being riGODDAMNdiculous. I, of course, laughed my bootaaay off.
There are some ongoing themes throughout my posts on the blog: Partying, over-analyzing the crap out of every situation, dating, and music. In terms of this weekend, well I partied “fo sho”. Thankfully, the over-analyzing thing flew out the window. I just let it all go and had a wonderful couple of days. Obviously, that won’t last as long as I’d like it to but hey, that’s life. In conjunction with that theme, there’s that dating thing. The M8B aka Gumdrop is so much fun and a way more enjoyable situation when I just go with it, whatever “it” entails at the time. I am a bit weary, however, because he seems to be getting to know me incredibly well and incredibly fast while I’m still in the dark about him. I know enough to know I like being around him but in comparison to what he’s learning about me…well, there isn’t a comparison.
I tend to be an open book and am terrible at hiding what I’m really feeling. I understand that not everyone is like that, but it would make this department of life WAY easier. I’m young, I’ve been in a good relationships, I have solid friendships and family relations, and don’t have much to hide at all. I am baggage-less, if you will. Now I’m not saying that M8B is hiding a suitcase full of ex-wives and two kids in ‘burbs but who the hell knows. Point being, I’m hoping he can let me in a little more so I don’t start wondering if the wife and kids thing is true.
And finally, the music theme. Here are some good ones that I was into this weekend. Clearly, I’m on some sort of Mr. 305 binge.

“Alright” by Pitbull ft. Machel Montano
“Who Dat Girl” by Flo Rida ft. Akon
“When I Get You Alone” by Robin Thicke

Peace, biotches.

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