DJ CFabb: "Scotty…SCOTTY! Take it down a notch!" – Dr. Evil

Alright so I’m calling myself out on this one….in my last post I fabulously tied in a T.I. quote about being “back” but it looks like I lied. My bad. That post was all the way back on January 18th and here is the next post, very late on this February 3rd night. So I’m using this weekend, since I’m going home to the Dirty Jerz, to break up the lack of blogging pattern. I’m going to go home, “recharge the batteries, shut down the engines, and get myself back to neutral”.  This is necessary since if I had posted any blogs recently they would have all consisted of stories that include Trey busting out from behind the bar to do the Footloose dance, Oscar spraying me from behind the bar with the soda gun, Mr. DJ Aubrey making me wait all night to hear “One Clap” by refusing to play it until the last song, or Oscar pouring warm, rail gin down my throat…..all of which happened at The Whale, of course. I’m also completely birthday-ed out….mine, Meghan’s, and Jackie’s are within days of each other…all fantastic times but I’m pooped!

So to start the process of getting back into the swing of things, I’m going to share with you a fantastic new musical obsession: Boyce Avenue. If you already know of them then how dare you for not sharing with me and if you don’t…well, you can thank me later. I stumbled upon these guys earlier today and since then I have downloaded 8 of their songs, saved a bunch of others on a YouTube playlist, and researched when they are playing live in DC (March 16th at the Rock & Roll Hotel for $15…yup, I’m goin’ fo show. Buy tix HERE.

The sound of these three brothers fits perfectly into the spirit of relaxing and taking a break. I’m definitely adding these few to the playlist for the Amtrak ride tomorrow…..enjoy, suckaaas!

Look them up on YouTube, they’ve covered a lot popular songs.
These are a few of my favorites:

“Fast Car” – Tracy Chapman cover by Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis

“Will You Be There” – Michael Jackson cover by Boyce Avenue

“Find Me” – Boyce Avenue
(check out some of their originals too – some are better than the covers! Woot!)

Mmmkay, so I promise I’m coming back fo realsies this time.
Feel free to smack me if I don’t post something new within a few days
Peace & Love

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Consider yourself smacked preemptively….!

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