Someone Had to Say It….

“Where the heck have you been, Sassarella?!” Well I was home in the dirty Jerz but “flash like that, recognize I’m back!” Unlike T.I., I’m not back from jail but I’m back from a long and lazy vacation that I spent almost completely on the couch watching “Without A Trace” marathons.

I spent this past weekend celebrating my birthday and my return to my beloved DC bar scene. I would like to send out special thank yous to the girly girls who took me out to dinner and to The Sign of the Whale and Rhino crew members who made this one of the most absurd weekends….ever. Including an off-the-wall Sunday Funday!

So anyway, now that I’m back in town, I’m also starting to get back into my routine of reading blogs and news sites every morning. A big topic of discussion is the Golden Globe fashion, winners, and most notably Ricky Gervais. The Daily Beast has a headline that reads: “Ricky Gervais: Too Far or Too Frickin’ Funny?”
Yes, the jokes made me laugh out loud and it was certainly one of the least boring openings to an award show that I’ve ever seen but I also found that my jaw dropped at several of his references.

If you know me well enough, or even just starting to get to know me through this blog, you would probably assume that I would tell everyone to get over it and take a joke. HOWEVER, Sassarella does have a heart and the issue that I have with his jokes is that they hit nerves. The joke about Charlie Sheen…yes, he’s an immature butthead with addiction problems so whatever fine make fun of him but I’m guessing Denise Richards and her children didn’t find it so amusing. It was like when something really awful happens to you and friend makes a joke out of it, you don’t find it funny, and they end up asking “Ooooo too soon?”

The Tom Cruise reference was a low blow too. I happen to believe that there is good chance he is homosexual but that’s his business (come on, Tom, just puhhlease tell us already!) Either way, he poked fun at insecurities and issues that those people probably already feel bad about. However, the “Sex & the City 2” joke was right on the money.

The joke about “The Tourist” was again, right on the money, but really? You’re going to make fun of Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and the producers of the movie who are all sitting right there… got some balls, Mr. Gervais. What do you think? Did he go to far? Or am I over-reacting?

Robert Downey Jr. had a problem with the jokes, calling them “mean spirited” but his speech was HILARIOUS. The actresses he had fun with needed to lighten up. Some of them looked downright in pain when he was clearly just playing around and not personally attacking them.

Julianne Moore and Annette Bening had fun with it, meanwhile, “Angie” and Emma Stone were slightly biotchy. Besides, I love RD Jr with a passion / he said “Just saying….” so of course I loved the speech. I also liked how he complimented them afterward, which wasn’t appropriate for Gervais to do, so the biotches needed to loosen up!

The truth can hurt but someone had to say it……….or did he?

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