DJ CFabb: Booty Be Gone? Not Completely, but Just a Little!

When I’m at home, I usually follow a similar routine every morning. I get up, eat something, watch tv for a half hour or so, check facebook, blogs, music sites, etc, and make iced coffee. So now that I’m on a crazy caffeine rush, I go upstairs to change for the gym, except changing for the gym usually takes about 30 minutes. Why? Well, because it turns into a crazed caffeinated dance session…obvs. I sing, I dance, it’s fantastic. 

Now if you read yesterday’s post, you know that I’ve been a tad emotionally stressed. My brain is all over the place but today I let some of it go Ally McBeal style…

In my opinion, some of the greatest minutes of television.

However, my usual dance party occurred much later in the day and for twice as long. I danced for a little over an hour and used the session to get myself amped and off to the gym. I made a new playlist called, “Booty Be Gone” including some of the oldies and newbies I danced to this afternoon. With the help of a friend, who has actually drunkenly referred to me as “Lil Miss Blog Master,” (I don’t hate it!) I remembered how much I like NY radio stations such as Hot 97.1, Power 105.1, and even 103.5 KTU. I get all white girl, indie rock in DC but in NJ, I get mahh swag back (yes, I just said ‘mahh swag’). Here’s a sample of the “Booty Be Gone” playlist:

You Be Killin’ Em by Fabolous

Available (Benny Benassi edit) by Flo Rida feat. Akon and Ke$ha
*Skip through to about 1:10 then give it time, it gets gooood.

Hold On by Maino feat. Mya

Fraser’s Song (MIA, Savoy, Rye Rye, YY Twins, Mike Jones) by Mochi Beats
*This is the continuous mix, “Fraser’s Song” starts at 4:30
Get the individual track for working out, it rocks

My Chick Bad by Ludacris and Nicki Minaj
(I have to admit that I made a dance to this song today)

Blow by Ke$ha

Higher by Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy

Party All Day (Sleep All Night) by Sean Kingston

Dance Dreams by Divide & Kreate

Sexy Bitch (remix) by Akon & David Guetta vs. Flo Rida vs. LMFAO

Enjoy and get to the gym, NYE on FRIDAY!

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