Best of 2010: Photographs

“I know way too many people here right now that I didn’t know last year
Who the eff are ya’ll? I swear it feels like the last few nights we been
everywhere and back but I just can’t remember it all” -Drake
Sassarella’s Year in Photos:
(I narrowed it down to about 4 photos per month, it was a serious challenge)
January: Vinny drove Drew’s Porsche home after we got drunk at the Nonna’s
holiday party and the FP Police were called by our angry cab driver
January: My Birthday at Lana Lounge in Hoboken, NJ.
“I am on a 24 hour champagne diet”
January: “I know he’s from NY by the way he orders his drinks”
Four Seasons hotel, Washington, DC
February: Snowpocalypse. No school for a week!
February: Imma be chillin with mah motha motha crew
February:”Bitch, back up. YOU GOT BAD BREATH!”
March: Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day. 
Easily one of the greatest days of my drinking life.
March: I said how low can you gooooo?
March: “If it was yesterday, it would be 9:33!!”
March: DJ CFabb @ Rhino
DJ: “Can you watch my stuff for a minute? Just don’t go back there…”
April: “It’s straight that way, kiddo!”
My first time on a motorcycle!
April: Finally saw the best DJ ever in action at Cloak Lounge, NYC
ALWAYS an Adventure x25 that night!
April: Luc’s car seat in Sammy’s SUV
April: Lu & Vin at Rhino
May: Renegade Pigs fundraiser at Rhino to support a fallen MC police officer
May: On our way to Libations, NYC
“Is this real life?!” YUP.
May: “I’m on a boat!”
May: MDW with the best of Jersey
June: Skippy and his biotches
June: Blast from high school past @ Darkhorse
June: Fish does Jersey, itinerary and all!
“Have you ever seen someone order 15 shots at a time?!”
June: I’m so happy to have such an “EXTREME” friend
July: Dinner, wine, Gucci shoes stuck in a grate, and Meaty Man. Done.
July: Yanks, baby!
July: “Gaga ooo laa roma ro ma ma!”
Doing “The LuAnn” with Tara at Sona
July: Drew’s Bday @ Crimson, NYC
Find the stage and we’ll be on it.
July: First time @ Bar A
“You girls just look like you’re from North Jersey”
August: Roadtrip to DC, Sammy at Rhino!
“I just thought you should know that God loves you…and Jesus too”
August: New boyfriend? THREE 6 MAFIA loved Sammy.
August: Last hoorah at Sona
“This is la familia, I’ll explain later”
August: “Isn’t is always Christie’s last night?” -Sean
September: Back to school. Clyde’s, Washington, DC.
September: PSU Football Saturday at Rhino
September: O Street
“How come when you drink it always feels like there are 10000 people here?”
September: Reunited – “Don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back”
October: Sisstuhh sisstuhhh weekend in Washington, DC
October: Sign of the Whale, Washington, DC
DJ Pauly D and JWOWW
October: Allie won the Snooki hair contest @ The Whale!
October: B. Ryan as Rhino’s very own pirate beer tub girl
November: Fantastic Florio Purple Party, Fort Lauderdale, FL
“When I put on Lady Gaga, you’re gonna weep!”
November: Adventure to The Atlas Room on H Street
“Geeeez Fish, who’s idea was this anyway?!”
November: FedEx the win to PSU!
It was a “Hot Christie” vs “Hot Adam” Connect 4 showdown
November: Restaurant Depot, “Yeah, you got dat veal in the back?”
November: Thanksgiving Eve, Sona in Morristown, NJ
“What am I supposed to do with bread?” .. “Butter it, bitch”
December: Newseum Party, Washington, DC
December: Rhino waitresses night out!
“We shouldn’t go to Rhino yet if we’re going to continue talking about this…”
December: Zinzi Christmas Party, Grand Hyatt Washington, DC
“I’m just wondering how many drinks I’ve actually been served over
the years by all of you? Hmm better not to think about it!” – Catoggio
December: Zinzi Christmas Party
Me and my reasons why I loved life this fall – Saturday AM crew!
So who wants to be in next year’s pictures? I can’t wait to see who I’m going to meet and what amazing things I’m going to do and see. This coming year, 2011, will bring a college graduation and a new life for me. I’m just not sure what that new life will be yet…hmm…and please don’t anyone else ask me!! When I know, you’ll know and I’m sure I’ll be posting it here! Hey, who knows, maybe I’ll run away with ass man from the gym and live happily ever after? Haa haa haa.

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