Weekend Warrior: Only Shots Over Here….No Way, Get Real.

“Come to DC and I can make you a believer”  ~ Wale

What a way to say goodbye to my beloved DC before heading home for winter break. On Friday night, O Street had one last college beer fest of the semester. I went from not drinking to playing 10000 hours of a drinking game called Landmines (a lot of rules but let ‘Pauly D’ explain the directions, he’s very animated). Since we were just hanging at home, I wore spandies, a Nonna’s t-shirt, and sneaks and decided not to change before sprinting down to Rhino later on. I was bouncing off the walls and literally jumping up and down on the dance floor. I have never been so comfortable at a bar! It was phenomenal – I could jump, dance, move, walk around (and by walk I mean hop) without the pain in my feet from high heels or constantly checking to make sure “the girls” are neatly tucked away, etc. I love getting dressed up but try this every once in awhile, it’s liberating!

Saturday night was a blast. Again, most of the day I had the intention of not drinking (to save my liver for Zinzi) but ended up meeting Jackshmack at Clyde’s for a brew. Clyde’s has the appearance of an old people’s bar but it’s not at all! The food is great and it’s the perfect spot to catch up and have a drink before going out to another place. There’s plenty of bar space, a warm atmosphere, and a friendly staff, including Bob the Bartender (ha, like Bob the Builder but not). His name being Bob prompted a discussion about the movie “What About Bob?” which then lead to a trivia game about Tom Hanks….? I mean who knows. Anyway, Jacks and I left there and met up with some GDubs kids at The Big Hunt in Dupont Circle.

We watched two of the most hilarious YouTube videos in the cab on the way there: Drinking Out of Cups and Marcel the Shell. “No way. Oh I’m king of the trees, I’m the treemeister.” Watch them. (I’m not posting them here…little bit inappropriate). Anyway, the bar was fun. I talked to Joe, the bartender that I was insanely the impressed by last time I was there and encouraged some very illegal hanging of our coats on a fire alarm (See ‘Weekend Warrior: The Big Pour’). Bad ass, I know. In conversation, Jackie and I said “no way”, the way the Drinking Out of Cups guy does and this random guy, aka Duke Boy from Alabama, quoted the entire thing. It was amazing. We loved him. Especially when he ordered a new beer, forgot about it, and left it at the bar…..yeah, we drank it.

At the end of the night, I once again dealt with the stupidity of the DC cab organization (if that even exists). THERE.ARE.NO.CABS.IN.DUPONT.WHEN.THE.BARS.CLOSE. It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen – people are cutting each other off in the streets, fighting for cabs, and causing absolute scenes in the middle of the road. I ended up sharing a cab with a really sweet girl who (COINCIDENCE) happens to live next door to the Duke Boy from Alabama! Of all the people. I had even walked a good 5 blocks away from The Big Hunt before I found her. Small world.

And now, for the grand finale: The Zinzi Christmas Party, or as I like to describe it, “Prom for Adults”. I shared a room with “It’s Brittany, Bitch” Ryan and Meg and hung out around the Rhino Bar table most of the night, obviously. We looked hot, I’m just saying. Seeing everyone in suits and gowns was a nice change from Pumphouse t-shirts and black tank tops. I saw a ton of people that I recognized but without seeing them in their usual habitats (their respective bars in the city), I honestly had to double take at everyone in order to place how I know them. It was so fun seeing some of my favorite people from around town all in the same place!

I also forgot how much I like wearing a gown (oh you fancy, huh) and I was quickly reminded of that the second we stepped onto the escalators. The hotel was so nice and the Christmas feeling was spectacular. Based on the people in attendance and amount of bars set up around the room (there were actually maps of the ballroom showing which bars served what types of liquor), I knew this was going to be a good time. Shot girls walk around all night handing out lemon drops and Jameson in elf costumes (sexy, of course) and at one point Meg asked a particular bartender for a mixed drink and he replied: “Sorry, only shots here.” Yeah, it was that kind of night.

 Pretty much sums it up – might be one of my favorite pictures

The after party in the hotel rooms turned into me walking around with my own personal bottle of Andre. Being the classy gal that I am, I was drinking it straight from the bottle all night (or should I say morning?). I also had a bottle of Jack Daniels in my other hand, which I don’t drink, but was casually making complete strangers drinks in each room we stopped in. George lugged around a full cooler on wheels through the hallways to each party and the hotel po po broke up several wild and crazy rooms (“We’re two wild and craazzy guys!”) I somehow made it back to my room after trying the first ten rooms on the 8th floor that had a 6 in the number (our room was on the 6th floor, 646…mmhmm about that) and called it a successful gala.

Monday morning, Brittany made it back to the room since she got a little lost…surprised? hmm probably not, I mean she’s Brittany, bitch! 😉 “We started together and we’re gonna finish together” as Brittany said while driving Meg and me home. ZINZI 2010 OW OWW! Cannot wait for round 2 next year. I SURVIVED, damn straight.

Mom picked me up in DC, we went to Jetties for Sconset sandwiches, and headed north to the Dirty Jerz. It feels great to be home and I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing! Happy holidays, kids 🙂 Isn’t Christmas the best?

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