We Kissed In the SnOoOow!

First semester of senior year is donzo. I’m so happy I could kiss someone! In perfect college form, I kicked off my first night of freedom at Mate for happy hour dinner and drinks with the Rhino waitresses. Sushi, mojitos, gossip, and sex toys? Yes, we talked about it all. It was so amazing to be out together away from work even though, like any truly dedicated Rhino employee, your night always seems to work its way back to Rhino. We had dessert, Laura’s second-hand cookies, at the bar with George and Murph. A typical oh em gee girl’s night out but better!

Now that the semester is over and finals are finished, I can devote all of my attention to the upcoming events:

1) Zinzi Ball! In 3 days I will be attending the annual Zinzi Christmas Party. What is it? I’ll tell ya. Years ago, Frank Zinzi and his sons threw a holiday party at their home for their friends and family. Over the years the party kept growing and growing and eventually they moved the event to a hall in Virginia.  After another couple of years, that venue was too small so it was moved to its current location, the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC. The party is co-sponsored by local business owners and corporations and raises money for local charities. Good deal. And for whatever reason, it has become the main event for the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industry in DC and Virginia, acquiring its nickname, the “Bartender’s Ball”.  So what does that all means to me? Here it is in a nutshell…I’m going down. All the bartenders from around the city that intoxicate me will be in the same room….with an open bar…for 4 hours. Seeeee ya later, it was nice knowing ya. The drive home to Jersey the following morning should be interesting and quite entertaining for my mother to say the least.

My whiteboard above my desk.

2) New Year’s Eve at The Point! (I say that like I know what it means, but really I have no clue). I have never been to “The Point” but I do know that it is at Fairfield Beach, Lauren Masini will be there, and we will dance the night away! From what I understand, it is a student organized, senior party to celebrate New Year’s Eve that attracts students from Fairfield (obviously) but other colleges as well, including a Miss Allie Hub! If all goes well and according to plan, the night will end with Lauren and I dancing in the corner by ourselves being asked to leave by the organizers because everyone else has gone home already. Last two on the dance floor as always….deal with it.

3) So this is getting a little bit ahead of myself but there was one artist who I’ve been saying that I want to see in concert (among about 100000 others but still) and that is Joshua Radin. February 15th, 9:30 Club, Washington, DC….done. Ticket bought. EXCITEMENT!! Come with!

Penny for your thoughts, Josh?
“Oh just thinking about how I’m going to propose
to Christie at the concert in February, obviously”

4) A fire pit sesh in our backyard. Fire pit? The girls in the O Street house have lost their minds, fire pit in December?! Well, the pile of crap aka the stuff we want to destroy from this semester is building every day.  This is just mine and Maggie’s stuff….we want to see how big it gets after everyone unloads their CRAP onto the pile and then burn it all in the fire pit. However, it did snow last night and as pretty as it is, that kinda puts a damper on the burning useless pieces of paper idea. However according to Maggie, the snow is “IRRELEVANT” and we will make it work. The woman is on a mission.

So here’s to snow, here’s to Zinzi, here’s to one
semester down and one to go, here’s to home!
“Snow” by The Zolas

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1 Response to We Kissed In the SnOoOow!

  1. ex-user says:

    Wow! You are going to be a busy girl, have fun, drive safe!

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