Thirsty Wednesday?: I’m in L.O.V.E. with Times Like These

Mmmkay. So, the witch with a b phase is over. Today, I’m in love.
My desk. At about 1pm today.

New black pumps (sittin’ pretty on top of the book I was supposed to read last night, but didn’t), Diet Coke (my fuel), smartwater (to make up for not reading last night), the usual Wisey’s lunch (Jane Hoya’s hang over cure), part of my pant leg (from the jeans I wore out last night), BlackBerry charging, jewelry from last night, gum, and of course, BYT on mahhhh screen.

Yes, I said I’m in love. I’m in love with Allie Hubschmann. She not only “forced” me (ya know, realllly had to twist my arm) to go out last night but she also gave me a great laugh this morning. Me: “My room is so absurd, it deserves a picture.” Allie: “Christie, please, look at mine. It has shame spelled out on the floor.” I died. Mainly because my first reaction was to look at the floor and then I understood what she meant. Legit lmfao.

I’m in love with Wednesday night. Last night, 8pm: very unfocused, very tired, very gross, very hopeless. By 9:30pm….showered and smellin’ fresh, make-up on, dressed, heels, dancing and getting ready with Scrubby and Mags. 10:30pm: “The Boys” are over, beer pong games underway, and the standard attempt at making a decent tasting drink with limited supplies is successful. 12:30am: Slow jog it down to Third Edition with “Our Group” (a favorable ratio of 3 girls to about 8 foooozball guys) and “dance dance like it’s the last last night of your life life”. It was one of those “We’re seniors, we don’t care that Christie has a thesis proposal due Monday, we love that the dance floor is empty because we can dominate it, and you can’t stop us” nights. In high school (and the first half of college) I never really had a big group of friends. I had my few besties (oMg LyLaS fOrEvEr) but the group we have here is UHHH-MAZING. Put it this way, I despise “Thirds”, as it’s commonly called, but last night was so much fun and I’d do it again tonight if I could.

 I’m also in love with the fact that we’ve been talking about last night
all day and needed Paul’s assistance for the play-by-play of the events.

I’m in love with the professor who will serve as my thesis counselor. In an email he sent out this morning, he informed all sociology majors that he will be in his office ALL DAY tomorrow. He nicknamed himself “Professor Helpful” and wrote, “If, at this junction, you feel TOTALLY CLUELESS AND TOPIC-LESS AND DESPERATE FOR HELP….please come see me, I WANT TO HELP, I REALLY DO.” love. him. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m thinking something along the lines of gender discrimination yada yada in bars and restaurants yada yada? I don’t know. Hence why I will be in his office tomorrow.

I’m in love with Svetlana Legetic. She effin’ rocks and I have a serious girl crush on her and her life. She’s got the wheels spinnin’ in my head about the big F word (my future). Closely related, I’m in love with the following statement: “The BYT party is TOMORROW!!”

And finally, I’m in love with this song: Times Like These by Foo Fighters

“It’s times like these” I can have fun with my friends, enjoy being a kid, and know that the massive amounts of school work and responsibilities that I neglected last night will somehow awwll be figured out.

One final look at my room, shall we?
(Click on the pictures to zoooom in)
Please notice a few things:
1) My suitcase from Thanksgiving break. 
I just brought it upstairs last night…still not unpacked.
2) The lack of sheets on my bed. Clean sheets are crumbled
up in the corner up there. How long? 18 days. I just counted.
3) Dresses, jeans, and shoes. On the ladder, the floor, the chair, the desk.
4) My towel. Anyone who knows me, knows I NEVER leave it on the floor.
5) In fact, anyone who knows me, knows that my room NEVER (ok, rarely ever)
Looks.Like.This. —> it will be cleaned up today (maybe tomorrow).

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2 Responses to Thirsty Wednesday?: I’m in L.O.V.E. with Times Like These

  1. ambrose1am says:

    Hilarious, Christie! That's a classic dorm room photo. Gonna RSS you.

  2. Sassarella says:

    Hahah it's a mess! Still not totally cleaned up but at least I can walk in the door without stepping on all my clothes. (Sheets still aren't on the bed though haha!)

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