"Pretty Young Things, Repeat After Me, I Said Na Na Na Na!" -The Great Michael Jackson

BYT Presents: ALL ACCESS Holiday Party @ The Newseum
Countdown: 2 DAYS

Stoked BEYOND stoked. Brightest Young Things is hosting an after hours holiday party at the Newseum and I’ve had my ticket for WEEKS :-)! I read Brightest Young Things just about every day so I wouldn’t miss this for the world! Food by Wolfgang Puck Catering, drinks by Smirnoff and vitaminwater, the unveiling of a “super special BYT photo installation”, photo booths to take fun pictures, a dj, a rollercoaster ride through journalistic history, and access to the Newseum’s exhibits. Saaaweeeet.

To an outsider, it may not sound sooooo amazing but poke around BYT’s website and you’ll understand why I’m so pumped. Every time I talk about it, I sing Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” in head, I mean that’s reason enough to love this party. It makes me dance and I’m not even there yet, that’s like winning a lifetime supply of gummy bears (Haribo, of course)!

Tickets are still on sale: Buy them here!

So of course I need to leave you with a song. 
I first downloaded it simply because of its title, “Son of a Gun.”
I knew I’d like it. Then I saw the video and fell in love. 
The song’s vibe is very BYT so expect that I’ll be listening to 
it on repeat while I’m getting ready Friday.
“Sun of a Gun” by Oh Land
SYT (See You There)!
Damn, I’m good.

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