Weekend Warrior: Veni, Vidi, VINCI!

Thanksgiving Break 2010: I came, I saw, IT conquered.

I just finished my gazillionth piece of pie and holy cannoli GIVE ME LETTUCE! If I don’t get out now the results could be disastrous. I ate, drank, and shopped my way through the last 5 days but there is seriously only so much fun a person can handle in such a short span of time…I’m just one kid for goodness sake! I’m glad I didn’t come home at all before now because I could appreciate every second I spent here. I saw my family, my friends, my Luc, my Sona, my couch, my bed, my shower, and my car.

Friday: Two words…Cafe Patron. My neighbor is a godsend and brought a fresh new bottle over the house to our “The Friday After Thanksgiving Gathering.” It was quite the gathering might I add. I saw my Sammy girl, mahh Shiiiirl, ate too much of mom’s pasta fagioli, oh and witnessed Andrea and my mother booty shaking it to PCD. Laur picked me up just in time to go to Sona, we saw Jeff at the door, and waltzed inside. Lemon drops with Rocky, SoCo limes with Drew, thumbs up dancing to MJ, and a cat fight between us and some silly girl who tried (and failed miserably) to get awwlll up in our faces made this a wonderful New Jersey Friday night with my main squeeze, Lauren Ann. We never want the night to end and we never want to leave when the bar closes which results in the bouncers literally picking us up and carrying us out the g.d. door.

Bouncer: Oh it’s you girls again? Every night with these two! (shakes head)
Us: Puuhhhleeeaaassseee let us stay, come on!! (They love to hate us)

I like to dance all night, summons the day
But that’s how I play, yeah that’s how I play
I said who are you? Don’t matter who you are
So we dance all night and dance all day
…Gonna show this town how to kiss the stars
Manhattan by Kings of Leon

We stood outside and talked to them through the window for a little bit until we noticed that they were eating NONNA’S PIZZA without us. Fools. Andrew is our best friend, not yours. We left.

Saturday: Gab’s Birthday Bash! OW OW! City city bang bang!
So let’s put it this way….I spent most of today with my dress from last night on under my sweatpants. The events that lead up to my very productive day today: Last night a little RBV action in the streeetch Hummer limo, a whole lotta fist pumping and “wiggling” at Crimson, champagne on an NYC balcony, and a Town Car ride back to Morristown this morning. Morristown? Christie, why did you take the car to Morristown when you live in Flo Po? Well, I’ll tell ya. The Morning After Show.

Man in Audi: “Excuse me, are you looking for a girl in a black dress?”
Drew: “Yeah I am actually.”
Man in Audi: “Oh she’s walked up to about the 3rd floor already!”
(Making a scene in Drew’s parking garage…the usual)

It is arguable that Lauren, Andrew, and I have more fun the morning after the big night out. We’re like 5 year old children laughing, carrying-on, re-living the previous night, but mostly talking complete and utter nonsense. I swear we don’t talk about anything that makes sense but it’s the most fun couple of hours. I couldn’t miss it knowing that it’s back to school tomorrow.

Speaking of back to school, I had to cross a few final things off the Jersey To Do List today:
1. See the birthday girl, Gabadoooo, one last time before I leave
2. Have a veg day in the living room including Home Alone 2
3. Go to Nonna’s aka HEAVEN
4. Three-way bbm conference with Kanye and Jay-Z (L and A) about how much we love each other
5. Eat more pie
Thanksgiving Break, you really did it to me this time. I’m spent. Drew: “Ok, you guys have to go back to school. I need to sleeeeep.” Rest up, Icy Ice! Winter break is only a few weeks away! Until then, I’ll be very happy going back to school with my North Face smellin’ like Grandma Pie from Nonna’s.

We R Who We R by Ke$ha
See ya in the District!

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