Weekend Warrior: "I’m like ohh Kemosabe" ~ Usher

Power nap in the cab on the way out on Friday? …Yup, that happened.
One of my housemates told me recently that I am a creature of habit.  She was referring to the fact that I am committed to having a bag of popcorn before I go to sleep every night, however, in this case I’m referring to my weekends.
Friday: Sign of the Whale. My favorite beyond favorite spot on a Friday night. And this past Friday…PSU ALUMNI PARTY! Awwww yeahh baby! Megs and I got to The Whale just in time to see the Blue Band playing outside the bar: “Heyyyyy heyyyyy baby OOOO AHHHH, I wanna knowww if you’ll be my girl.” Yay, excitement, dancing, loving it. HOLD UP, MINOR SET BACK: ya gotta be on the damn alumni list to get it. WAY AROUND IT: Oscar or Trey, someone needs to come get us. PROBLEM: too busy for them to come out from behind the bar.  ….. SOLUTION: The Mighty Pint a few doors down.
Well heyyrrooo adorable bartender! I don’t know who you are but I will be back to see you. And that’s all I have to say about that. Anyway, “The Pint”, as it’s commonly referred to, was packed with PSU spill over from The Whale. We got some beers and contemplated killing everyone around us ordering cheese fries and and nachos (Brats! Didn’t these people know we ate lettuce for dinner?!). The more we walked around the bar, I recognized the bartenders here too…Gus and Courtney! I’m glad we went there because I found yet another bar that I enjoy. The best way to describe The Pint is cozy. Low key, country music, games on, and plenty of beer and wings. Maybe it was my bias to the PSU crowd (“Meg, I even have my PSU undies on!” .. “You own PSU undies?! Freak.”) or what but I really liked the energy. It was casual and laid back but clean and non-dive bar-ish. I think the sophisticated feeling also came from the amount of people in suits there. It was early so some PSU-ers must have come from work. Anywhoooo, go see Courtney and tell him I say hello but stay away from no named cute bartender, k thanks.

As soon as the private party was over, Meghan and I were the first two outsiders at The Whale. I absolutely love everything about Sign of the Whale on Friday nights. One of the bartenders “No Fun Joe” or as I affectionately call him “The MOST FUN Joe” sees me and says: “Oh it’s YOU again, here we go!” Oscar: “What?! You’ve been here like 4 times and everyone knows you?! Remember who brought you here!” Well Oscar, I can’t thank you enough. Where do I even begin? I like that I can get dressed up to go there but can still throw my hands up in the air, be ridiculous, and it’s completely acceptable. And of course it helps that bartenders Oscar, Misty, and Trey take good care of me and my friends. Some of my Penn State regulars from Rhino were there, including Simon & Rich, and I even met a few completely new fans. YAY YAY YAY. Am I expressing enough how in love with Friday night I am? And like all creatures of habit, I ended up at Rhino for a late night dance party and “omg hiiii” sesh with the usuals. Fab.
Simon doesn’t know his own strength.
He “CHEERS”-ed a little too hard & broke my drink!
My response if it had happened on Saturday: “NOT up in here! Not up in here!”
(little insider with B.Ryan) Shout out to the last PSU game day this year.
Saturday: How does one blog about a person that she doesn’t know that well and make it not creepy and weird because there is a possibility that he could read this? Let’s see if I can pull this off. I think I’ll start by giving him a codename: Philly.

Meghan and Christie met Philly and Philly’s friend at The Whale on Friday night and they all planned to meet up at Madhatter on Saturday night. Meghan and Christie get there to find an insanely long line. No big. Randomly, a bouncer comes to the end of the line and asks M & C to follow him. (Side door entrance, biotches.) Even though the bar was PACKED, it was a great night. Good service, good music, good company. However, Philly challenged Christie to a game of Connect Four and she was defeated. This will never happen again, she will be practicing.

Well the time came to call it a night, we said our goodbyes, and left. Now, someone please tell me why there is a SERIOUS lack of cabs in the city of Washington, DC?! 3AM, middle of busy Dupont Circle and it takes us 20 minutes and strategic positioning around groups of people before we could finally get a cab home. Ree-DONK-you-lous. Get it together, DC.

My weekend concluded with a marathon day of work at Rhino on Sunday. 11AM- 11:30PM. My fun-filled, workaholic lifestyle finally caught up with me. I felt sick all day so Nick made me a Hot Toddy. Did anyone else not know that Hot Toddy is actually a drink and not just an Usher song?! It’s hot tea, whiskey, honey, and lemon. It felt wonderful going down my very sore throat.

 Now I gotta rest up and pack!
Dirtaaay Jerzaaaay tomorrow! First time ALL YEAR. 🙂
Check back tomorrow for a sample of the “HOME” playlist.

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