Thirsty Thursday: "The pumps are in the bag!" ~ Meg Fishburn

Bright idea: “Meghan, I got an email about a new bar/restaurant that opened up on H Street in NE, it’s called The Atlas Room. It looks really nice, let’s try it.”

Mmkay. So, to save some dolla dolla bills we took public transportation, at least on the way out there. We missed the GUTS bus (Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle) to Rosslyn Metro Station by 2 minutes…waited 15 minutes for the next one. Got to Rosslyn and missed the orange line by 1 MINUTE…waited 20 minutes for the next one. Sat on the metro for a half hour, got out at Minnesota Ave and well Toto, we were certainly not in Kansas no mo’! We took the long way. The really long way. We got our “what the heck are you two doing in these parts” butts in a cab and dropped off at the corner of 11th and H. The street was empty, a snerious ghost town.

Me: “Who’s idea was this?? GEEEEZ, FISH!”
Ha! God bless her for constantly putting up with me.

Finally, we find The Atlas Room. There’s not a single person in there. Awesome. Meg: “We trekked all the way out here, we’re getting a damn drink, let’s go!” Now, you tell me if this isn’t SO WEIRD…it’s obvious that the two men sitting at the bar are the owners, Matt and Bobby, (great guys by the way) but UM HI WEIRD, the service manager = Mark! For those of you who don’t know, I know Mark from Rhino and Serendipity in Georgetown. Just focus on the coincidence of all of this. I rarely leave NW, I never would have gone to this bar if it weren’t for this blog, we almost didn’t walk through the door, but thankfully it was a hassle getting there so we did anyway, and then to top it all off, I know the general manager! Word.

“Big Ice” aka Chris the bartender, made us two Mai Tais. Hands down the best Mai Tai I’ve ever had and Meghan’s first (I think she fell in love). “Big Ice” has been bartending for years and makes a smooth drink. He believes bartending is a form of art, trust me you won’t be disappointed. I didn’t get a chance to try out the food but after talking with these guys, I’m on Mission: Promote The Atlas Room. Despite it being empty (mind you, because of our struggles, it was almost midnight by the time we got there) we were told there was a full house for dinner. All types of people, from 20 something girls to H Street locals. From what I could tell, it was the swankiest looking place on H Street and “I think you got a lot of potential Kit De Luca.”

I see this place as a classy pre-game. Go here for a bottle of wine and some appetizers, top it off with a Mai Tai and then move on to other late night spots. Spots on H Street that I will be exploring and will obvs report back.

The next and final stop: McFadden’s (Enough adventure for one night, back to comfort zone). It was a sloppy mess of GWU seniors and fist pumping cowboys? Who knows what that was about! Trey bartends in the corner somewhat tucked away from the madness. We chatted with him, had peanut butter & jelly shots, and called it a night.

It was a fun little night and really got me thinking. While talking to the guys at The Atlas Room they asked me if I’d be moving back home after graduation. I truly have no clue what I’m going to do in May but I can’t help but appreciate the network I’ve developed in this city. For someone who wants to work in hospitality and own a bar, I’ve got connections here. A few weeks ago I went to McFadden’s with Kelsie for the first time and as I’m saying hello to Trey I hear her say: “Is there a bar in this city that you don’t know everyone?!” It’s a pretty wonderful thing. At home in small town NJ, I know people at Sona and that’s the extent of my network. In all of Washington, DC, I’m extending my network every week. So should I leave it? Should I move back home? I probably will for a little while but who knows. The point is that I don’t know where life will take me but what I do know is that it treats me really well in DC.

What would a post be without a song?
“Up All Night” by Alex Clare (produced by Diplo & Switch)
Happy Friday!

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