DJ CFabb: "And I’m Talking More Everyday" ~ M & K

Every Wednesday, I wake up hoping that it won’t be as brutal as last Wednesday, oh but then it is! Ugh. I have class ALL DAY, literally 6 hours straight and then I get to go to work ALL NIGHT. Pity party of 1!

So while I’m confined to the classroom all day, wherever you are, do a dance for me to this song. Seriously, try to not move to it, it’s impossible! I think my favorite part is about 5 seconds into it when it breaks into this crazy weird energy but still indie beat – it’s awesome.  Cameras by Matt & Kim

For the popsters, this song is featured on Good For Girls by The White Panda. Procrast and DJ Griffi remixed “Cameras” with Wale’s “Pretty Girls.” Sick.

Time to leave the outside world behind for the day.
Send anything potentially distracting my way, I’ll love you 4EVER.

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The trials, the tribulations, and the triumphs of a sassy and sophisticated 20 something girl
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