R.Patz is a Taurus. Just Saying…

Procrastination.The dictionary should replace its definition with:
procrastination: \ proh-cras-tuh-NAY-shuhn \ noun; 
Georgetown University Lauinger Library, 2nd Floor

I’ve been sitting here now for a few hours writing a paper…..and by “writing a paper” I mean setting small, achievable goals for myself.  Goals like, “Write another paragraph and then you can check Facebook” or “Finish this page and then you can read another blog/check for new music”…ya know, productive things like that.  I also cleaned out my email accounts.  In the process, I came across a spam email to view my daily horoscope.  (Ohhh the things I will read to avoid doing work).  Anyway, I opened it up.

According to gotohoroscope.com, I should leave you all alone and focus on my personal problems today. Oh well, too bad for you! In continued procrastination, I noticed a link for “Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Find Your Best Match By Means of Astrology”.  And since I’ve just been oh so compatible with the opposite sex recently, I clicked on it.

Results: Stay the heck away from me if you are a Cancer or a Leo, it’ll be bad news bears for both of us. We’ll be the best of friends if you are an Aquarius. And OH MY, heyyyrrrooooo Mr. Taurus, Mr. Scorpio, and Mr. Pisces!

Born: May 13, 1986
Also, Jon Hamm is a Pisces and Leo DiCaprio is a Scorpio.
I mean I’m just sayin…

I thought it would be logical (and a great way to waste more time) to see if other sources showed the same results.  Another site, cafeastrology.com, gives more involved explanations but overall produced the same results.  This time, I looked up specific relationships and with a certain someone there is potential for fabbbulous things! Ow ow! I’m serious, the lil paragraph sums us up perfectly.

Now that’s all fan-fricken-tastic but really I can’t help but ask myself, is all of it a coincidence? Just another silly way for 20 something girls in search of something meaningful, or possibly not meaningful at all (oh em gee girls just wanna have fun) to make a relationship out of nothing? I don’t normally buy into abstract ideas like this but anytime I read about what it means to be a Capricorn it is a pretty accurate description of my personality.  Could the same be true for relationships? What do you think?

I leave you with the song that has been stuck in my head all day.
Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine – watch the video, it’s a work of art!
The similarities between the title of this song and the content of this post, 
I know for a fact, is a complete coincidence.

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