Weekend Warrior: The Big Pour

“I’m on no sleep, NO SLEEP. You don’t know what it’s like in there. All night long things are creepin and crackin and that red light is burning my brain!” -Seinfeld

FRIDAY: “Oooo she made us drinks to drink, we drunk ’em, got DRUNK” and in this case, T-Pain’s lyrics are referring to yours truly! Rhino Bar & Pumphouse bartender right huuurrr! Friday, November 12th, 2010…mark it down as the first night Sassarella bartended ON.HER.OWN. (many thanks to Porter & JC!) Shakin’ up some shots, pouring some dranks, and poppin’ beer bottles… goodness gracious it’s music to my ears. This is just another step towards my goal of opening up a place of my own and I’m so excited! That’s fo show. Special shout out to KELSIE (“Look at her, she’s soo hott, tip her A LOT, DO IT!), Meghan (the best cheerleader in da world), Sam (“vodka tonic STAT”), and Mary D (“I was trying to study what you were doing, had no idea it was your 1st time!”) This is me a few years ago joking around behind the bar… my, how things have changed.

Dave: You wanna bartend tonight?
Me: YES!
Dave: You know how to pour, right?
Me: (makes a pouring hand motion)
Dave: Good enough for me.
SATURDAY: “If you run that fast, I’m gonna give you a gold star, little girl!” What a whack-a-doo is all I have to say about our cab driver.  After nearly running Meghan and me over and telling us a story about a client who pronounced Volta as Bolta (ya know, the Spanish pronunciation) she dropped us off at Kelsie’s AMAZING apartment! Now the question was where to go, where to go? The final decision: The Big Hunt in Dupont.  Dive bar, like serious nose dive, but surprisingly upbeat! (“Now, it’s a little scary, but mostly upbeat” who can name that movie?) The standard Dupont, little bit artsy, but casual crowd…..and then there’s me. Black killer heels and a blazer.  And WOW, 30 fabulous beers on tap! So I’ll take a Ketel One, on the rocks, with lemon, please & thank you.  I’m being a weee bit dramatic (like that ever happens, pshh) but I did stick out just a tad.  Despite that, I had a great time and even ran into Bob-O, one of my Washington Apple obsessed Sunday regulars from Rhino. 
Anyway, the decor is pretty awesome.  There are unique posters all over the walls and the place is INSANELY colorful. It would take a very big debbie downer to have a bad time here.  I ordered my Ketel One on the second floor.  The “bar” up there, if you want to call it that, was a one man cubicle and this dude was MOVING. Let me tell you, he certainly gets a workout every Saturday night and he must have the patience of a kindergarten teacher. The dj was playing the standard top 40 hits so people could dance but if my life was filmed and produced by Mark Schwahn (the creator of One Tree Hill) I think Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine would suit this place quite well.  And of course there would be a montage of me, Kels, Megs, her brother + friends, BOB-O, etc dancing around, ordering drinks, living life. I sometimes really wish my life was a tv show simply because the PERFECT song is always playing at the PERFECT moment, don’t you?!

“HAPPINESS…hit her like a train on a track” – F+TM
And then Monday comes around and the train derails (ha!)

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3 Responses to Weekend Warrior: The Big Pour

  1. Anonymous says:

    so dive bar " don't go, I had fun only because I was going to have fun that night anywhere" or like " cool place to go when you don't feeli like getting dressed up"?

  2. Sassarella says:

    Definitely "cool place to go when you don't feel like getting dressed up". Great vibe and seemed like the perfect place to go watch a game and have a beer. Also, there was an outside patio with picnic tables and umbrellas which could be fun in warmer weather. Check it out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    definitely will, thanks for the inisde info

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