Thirsty Thursday: "Clean Cup, Clean Cup. MOVE DOWN!"

So it wasn’t my thirstiest of Thursdays.  My usual troops were either too busy, too tired, or too cold to go out so I flew solo. I made myself walk the 12 blocks or so to the M Street Wachovia ATM. I needed the exercise but I really just wanted to listen to my ipod instead of getting in a cab right away. Kings of Leon (Radioactive) kept me company (It’s in the water / it’s in the story / it’s where ya came from). Anyway, my final destination was Madhatter on Connecticut Ave in Dupont.

I found a spot at the back corner of the bar and ordered the beer on special, $1 draft Bud Light (pretty good deal if you ask me).  I found myself ease-dropping on the guys standing next to me: “Dude, I’m gonna work on being a MAN tonight, like a real man, and I’m gonna find that girl we saw earlier and talk to her”, the next one replied: “Yo dude, I’ve been working on being a REAL man for the 23 years that I’ve been on this planet…gotta keep on truckin'” I swear I tried to hold back my laughter but really? Like really? (I’m LOL-ing just thinking about it).  Turns out Dude #2’s name is Sean. Naturally, I introduced myself as Kelly from NY.  Sean filled me in on the crowd – a majority of the people were GWU Law School students who competed in some intelligence debate something or other that day. You thinking what I was thinking? Jackpot ;-).

Next up was Aaron: “Like Aaron Carter?!” I asked.  He played dumb, like he didn’t know who that was….liar.  This time around, I was Christie from New Jersey.  We talked about law school, football, our mutual aspiration of owning a bar, DC vs. other cities…cool guy.  He got me and his friends the other drink on special….$5 Jager Bombs (in honor of the Jersey Girl, obvs).  Then things got funny because Sean came back: “Hey Kelly!” HAHAHA oops. Aaron looked confused, I needed to evacuate the situation.  Thankfully, by this time Megs had showed up so when Aaron left to use the bathroom we bolted.

 I liked his watch. He liked my boots.

The music was amazing.  A great mix of old and new.  Then I got a look at the DJ and I knew why I was loving it so much. IT WAS MIX MASTER ROD, Oscar’s brother! Woot! If you live in DC, he also djs at Rhino and FrontPage….go see him, he’s fantastic.

Despite my outfit being a little too downtown Manhattan for this law school crowd, I had a good time and will definitely go back.  $1 beers & Mix Master Rod…’nuff said. Another plus: there was room to breathe. Enough room to escape the Sean & Aaron Debacle, room to dance, and room to talk.  I don’t like when people are all up in my grill…back off, kids.

The crowd was a little young for my liking (especially when I overheard the bouncer questioning some girl: “Oh what are you, 18? Let’s see this I.D.”) but the staff was pleasant and considering most places in GTown are the same way, this was a nice change.

The final “Blog Worthy” event, as Meghan put it, happened in the cab back to Georgetown.  Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” came on the radio, no homo.  I sang my heart out.  At first I thought the driver kept making it louder to drown out my voice but then I realized he was singing louder than I was! I think we made his night….on second thought, he sure as shit made mine.

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