"Is it too late for an Egg McMuffin?" ~ SNL

DISCLAIMER:I am not an expert in politics.
WARNING:I will never care to engage in a political debate with you. So fuhgeddaboudit.

The year was 2008.  Obama & Oprah were chanting “YES WE CAN”, McCain introduced his Mama Grizzly, and I was a sophomore at Georgetown University with very little clue as to what any of it meant.

Peeps: “Wow! Christie! How exciting that you’re in Washington, DC during such a monumental time in politics.  Tell me, I’d love to know, as a student at Georgetown, what do you think about the upcoming election? What’s the overall feeling on campus? Tell me everything!”
Me: (SHiT. Uhhh uhhh, make up something that sounds intelligent, QUICK!) “Well, Mr. Stranger on the Amtrak Train Home, I think that blahh blahh blahh”

Thankfully, I got tired of being completely ignorant and slowly expanded my political knowledge past Saturday Night Live skits. I mean, let’s be serious, not by much but it’s better than it ever was.

Back in the day, I had a serious crush on Bill Clinton.  Go ahead, judge me, but I did.  I really like the way my man Bill explains the current US economic situation and his proposed solution.  It’s easy to understand and makes a whole lot of sense. If you’re like me and need politics to be discussed in plain English in order to give a rat’s ass about whatever the hell our leaders yap about then Watch this, you’ll feel smarter. 

I can guarantee that posts like this will be few and far between but anything that can hold my attention concerning politics should be acknowledged.  And with it being Veteran’s Day there is a very military/political/nationalist feeling about campus today.  So, a special thank you to the vets and to those who currently serve this great nation. You rock!

Bill & I have come a long way from Clinton at McDonald’s.

Welp, it’s quitting time!  Get smart, show Jon Stewart some love, and T.G.I.T.

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