Runnin’ Around: Mumford & Sons

Running in DC is freedom.  Freedom from school work, freedom from people, freedom from daily crap.  It’s my daily breath of fresh air.  Sometimes I pick a new place in the city, like a restaurant, monument, or neighborhood to run to, take a lil looksie, and run back.  Or sometimes I run in the M Street and Wisconsin Avenue areas.  These streets to me are like vodka, they never let me down.

This fall, I’m really digging the neighborhoody streets of Georgetown and Dupont.  Volta, Q, R, P, and Connecticut Ave are where it’s at.  The combination of pedestrian-free, tree-filled back roads and the cute coffee shop vibe of a Dupont lunch time is heavenly.  What I love about these streets, and city running in general, is that I rarely need the music to keep me moving.  At the gym, on the tredmill, I need my girl Rihanna and some Urrrrshherr to make it that extra mile.  But on the streets, I can listen to anything.

Today, like most days for the past month or so, I listened to this song at least 6 times over the course of a 40 minute run.

Oh this song. Where do I even begin? It has the ability to change my whole day in any direction.  It can make me feel happy, relieved, free, and motivated OR sad, mad, and gloomy (in the best way possible, of course).  If you like that, and I don’t know how you couldn’t, check out Little Lion Man by Munford & Sons and The Cave by Mumford & Sons.  And if nothing else, HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

Yummy. Their Bookshop Sessions are pretty amazing too.  Ok, blah blah, I’m done lovin’ on Mumford & the boys…for now, at least.  Happy running & promiseee me that you won’t ruin these songs by taking them to the g.d. gym! Peace out.

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